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Five facts you need to know about Aristotle and Socrates

  Socrates Portrait    These are two top great philosophers in the whole history of western world; they’ve really contributed to the history of men up till date. Here are facts you need to know about them Socrates lived 470 – 399 BC why Aristotle lived 384–322 BC which simply means Aristotle started before Socrates. Aristotle writings cover many subjects –… Read more →

Do you know America father of literature Stood up and fought for the freedom of Negros? Click this link for details

  mark twain picture taken in 1871   mark twain picture taken in 1909   Samuel Langhorne Clemens was born on 30th of November 1835, in Florida, Missouri, he happen to be the  sixth of seven children born to Jane a native of Kentucky, and John Marshall Clemens  a native of Virginia. His parents met when his father moved to… Read more →

Check out the two main reasons why the whites were able to enslave the blacks successfully

        Talking about slavery is the pain of the past, Some People died where some were maltreated and intimidated. Africans were not dull nor draft but due to two main factors they were enslaved by the whites successfully   Color: the African’s believe they’re one Supreme Being all because of their complexion (been white) and they believe… Read more →