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Quote of the day

I think it high time we stop deceiving ourselves as entrepreneurs   believing the stupid ideology of our so call giants’ entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Truly you don’t need to have huge amount of money to set up a business lol and behold if you don’t have any capital believe me your business or enterprise is going no where, I don’t know the future of our dear country (NIGERIA) about eight entrepreneurs   mailed me recently concerning their business ideals and the problem they’re confronting in aspect of funds raising/Capital whereby their business ideas are enough to promote and sustain the growth of Nigeria. No wonder why countries like China and India are doing well in aspect of technology and health, their government and giants’ entrepreneurs do raise funds for people with great ideas that can enhance the growth of their country.  the fact that we are blacks {Negros) doesn’t mean we can’t go far even beyond China and India in aspect of technology and health, I know everybody is aware that sickle cell anemia has no cure nor remedy but I can boldly tell you today that I know a drug that work’s as it remedy likewise I know a drugs that act as anti-cancerous agent, asthma cannot be cure medical but we now have a drug that can cure it effectively all this drugs are in powdery form and has undergo a test that makes’ us believe it really works’. It obvious that cancer, sickle cell   anemia and asthma are one of the world problems if we can solve this here in Nigeria I believe we will be above India and other countries. Youth will be able to secure jobs and our country we move forward.  Please stop wasting money on unnecessary things and let build NIGERIA, In case you want to meet, get in touch or help him finically to make those mentioned drugs go global  feel free to message or call me.