Episode 34
2:08 pm, The Grand Hotel, Monrovia Liberia
Elizabeth Sekwa was in her luxurious hotel room all alone. She was going to take a walk in the street to hook herself with a man. Since she bailed out of her country, she had gone days without a man. It was beginning to get to her. Incessant masturbation had not given her the volume of lust she craved. Her hand was on her door knob when her phone buzzed. It was her younger sister. She had just left her a message on WhatsApp. She sat on the edge of her bed and went through the message. “Wherever you are Eli, please lay low. Dad is mad about his guard you killed. A crazy hunt to find you is sweeping through our city. Dad is afraid you might reveal to the public that he slept we us and we had babies for him. He thinks I am on his side, but I swear by God, the least chance I get, I will drive a knife into his throat.”
Elizabeth typed quickly, “Sister please don’t stain your hands with the blood of that filthy pig. I will kill him myself. I am already a bad girl and I have no apologies for it. I want you all to have a good life after what Billy Pig (an obnoxious name for their father, Billy Sekwa) did to us.” “No Eli, I want the honour of being the one who ends his life. Two days ago, he woke me up in the night and asked me to give him a b—–b…” “What! Not again!!” Elizabeth typed furiously. “Did you do it?” she continued. There was a suggestive silence on the other end. Elizabeth could tell her younger sister did it. “You did it. Didn’t you?” Elizabeth typed impatiently. “Yes,” was the only reply she got from her sister. “Did he force you to do that?” “Yes, he had a gun…” “I am not in the country now. I see they are going to return him as the new president soon. Relax, I am working on a plan to end his life. Make sure you delete this chat once we are done,” Elizabeth instructed her sister. “I am already doing that, Eli.”
After the brief chat with her younger sister, Elizabeth flung her purse on the bed and paced about her hotel room angrily. Her legs and hands shook in anger. A trait she inherited from their mother. With nothing to transfer her anger to, she peeled off her clothes and sat on the bed to m——–e again. Then there was a knock on the door. She stood up and fished a stiletto from her purse and held it behind her back. Not minding she was naked, she yanked the door wide open, ready to drive the weapon into her possible attacker’s forehead. Fortunately, it was a boy. A concierge who worked at the hotel. The boy’s mouth hung open when he saw Elizabeth stark naked. With the nude, curvy, drop-dead, beauty in front of him, the boy who had come to change the air freshener in the room, stood immobile for a few seconds. Elizabeth had to think quickly. She had been masturbating for days for want of a man and before her was a road kill. Before the boy could utter a word, she grabbed him by the hand and dragged him into the room. Being very athletic, she slammed the door shut with a swift kick of her long left leg.
In the next thirty minutes which followed, the boy felt like a fish out of water, Elizabeth rushed him giving him no chance to even consider her offer. He had not seen anything like Elizabeth before. She was beautiful, strong and sexually stimulating. When her bent, ravenous, desire had been assuaged just a tad. She dropped her head on the boy’s broad, muscular chest; and like the seductress in the book of Proverbs, she asked, “How would you like to make a thousand US dollars by spending the night with me?” The sound of a thousand US dollars hit the boy’s mind like a left hook from Mike Tyson. “You mean like a thousand American dollars?!” the boy echoed, hardly believing his luck. Elizabeth nodded like a teenager whose crush had told she was the prettiest girl he had seen all his life. “In fact if you can make me moan louder, I will make it a thousand five hundred dollars.” The boy was airborne by now. He rolled away from Elizabeth, grabbed her phone and quickly calculated the value of one thousand five hundred US dollars in Liberian dollars.
“I work in this hotel, if my boss finds me in your bed, I might lose my job. You have to take me to another hotel,” the boy said as he hurriedly began to dress up. It was as if he had realized he was still at work. Elizabeth leapt out of the bed and grabbed the boy. The touch of her supple skin and her depraved moans weakened the boy. With the thought of a thousand five hundred dollars on his mind, the boy attacked Elizabeth with raw masculine strength; leaving her with the impression that he was equally as depraved as she was.
3:02 pm, Annabel’s House
Annabel had not left her house since the last time Chucks visited her. She had been making the sort of calls she would want no one to know hear of. With the violence in city slowing down, she knew it was time to make her move. She went to her wardrobe and removed a briefcase. She punched a few keys in the briefcase and it opened. It contained bundles of crisp dollar notes and two loaded handguns. She checked the handguns and dug one into her hip. She unzipped her skirt and hid the other underneath her undergarment. She closed the briefcase and raced out of her room with it. Outside, her boys wanted to go with her, but she asked them not to follow her. She went into her car, dropped the briefcase on the passenger seat next to her and drove off. On the road, her eyes darted about, making sure no one was following her. She drove for about thirty-six minutes before she reached her destination.
3:38 pm, Kelvin’s Work House
It was a gigantic old house with a thick, high wall at the end of a street in a slum. She honked musically three times and the massive gate swung open. Annabel drove into the compound as soon as the gate opened. In front of the house was a huge man in his late thirties. His name was Kelvin. He wore only a pair of jean trouser and an Adidas slip-on. He was obviously showing off his athletic body. His healthy-looking skin was marred with tattoos. Annabel parked her car in a corner of the premises and jumped out with the briefcase in her hand. “My grandmother has found the videos. I want you to retrieve them from her tonight,” Annabel whispered as she walked pass the guy, heading into the big house. “What is she going to do with the videos?” the guy asked in a muffled tone as he followed Annabel into the house. Inside the house the two of them went upstairs. Annabel set the briefcase on a table, opened it, removed a few dollar bundles and stacked them on the table. “Here is the money you asked for. I want the videos. My grandmother is going to use them for purposes worse than those for which Julia Idris and Baribote made them. She hates me. I know she is going to use my part in the videos against me. She blames me for her dead husband,” Annabel said. “I thought you said she killed your grandfather? Why then does she blame you for that?” the guy asked, as he packed the bundles of dollars into a leather bag.
“I am a girl who was repeatedly abused by my grandfather. He was the one to whom I lost my virginity. On many occasions, my grandmother caught my grandfather while I was giving him a b—–b. Instead of protecting me from her pervert husband, she branded me a w—e. I was only a child and had no one to protect me. My mother had fled, leaving us and our father when she found out the level of incest in our family. My granny latter killed my grandfather for his perversions, but she sees me as a devil…” “Oh Christ! You really have suffered. I didn’t know you went through this much pain.” “I have been through worse Kelvin,” Annabel said hanging her shoulder in obvious show of sadness. Kelvin walked over and put his arms around her. Annabel rested her head on his shoulder. “My grandmother thought my grandfather began to abuse me when I was fourteen, but it actually began when I was just ten years. He would carry me into his room in the night and finger me till almost the next mother,’ Annabel said with a broken voice as tears circled around her eyes. The sight of tears on her face made Kelvin hug her passionately, showing a lot of emotion for a killer.
“I would give anything to go back to my formative years and live under the care and love of my mother. She should never have left us. My father tried for us, but he was too busy with business and his numerous concubines to notice what his father and brothers did to us.” “So you never told your father?” “Yes, I didn’t, and neither did any of my siblings.” Kelvin broke from holding Annabel and went into one of the rooms upstairs. A short while later he returned with an old calabash with blood stains and set it on the floor. The sight of it scared Annabel, she moved away from it and asked, “What is that kelvin?” “I didn’t know you were hurting this much. It is time to tell you the truth.” “What truth do you mean?” “The truth about what was done to you and what has been going on amongst some families in this city.”
Annabel was clearly lost. She could not make out what Kelvin was saying. “What do you think Mayo was doing in this city? Why do you think there is so much incest and perverted sex amongst the most powerful families in this city? Why do you think your grandfather, uncles and aunts had sex with you and your siblings?” “I don’t know, you tell me.” “It is a powerful way to renew some occult covenants. It doesn’t just happen in your family, it happens with the Sekwas, the Baribotes, the Idris and many others. This calabash was once the seat of a certain man’s power. He was killed by his daughters after many years of abusing them. This thing has power beyond your imagination. Those who wanted the power it offered sacrificed their own children through incest for it.”
“Do you mean my grandfather, uncles and aunt deliberately had sex with us for some selfish benefits?” “Exactly. They took your youthful energy and destiny and offered them to that which they worship through incestuous sex. Let me prove to you what I mean.” Kelvin stood up from where he squatted and walked over to Annabel. He placed his right hand on her abdomen and slowly moved it toward her private part. Annabel grabbed his hand and removed it. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Relax Annabel and trust me. Why do you think I have never for once put pressure on you for sex for the many years we have known?” “Why haven’t you?” “Because if I have sex with you, it would corrupt me and slowly destroy me. You have been offered to the power from where this calabash came. If you let me turn you on, you will see what will happen to this calabash.” Annabel had not heard any of those before. She looked from Kelvin to the ugly calabash and said, “Do it. Turn me on.” Kelvin squatted in front of her and pulled down her skirt. He put his hand into her undergarment and began to touch her seductively. The moment Annabel began to moan; the calabash came alive. The dry blood stains on it began to flow down to the floor and some infernal light began to glow from the inside of the calabash.
Annabel could not believe her eyes. “This means you are supplying strength and power to this calabash each time you have sex, and it is so because you have been given to it. Your grandparents and father belonged to this cult. Mayo’s father was their priest as was Mayo to many of them,” Kelvin said as he removed his hand from her undergarment. Annabel felt an unusual sexual urge overtake her. She grabbed Kelvin and tried to pull off his pair of jean trouser. Kelvin would have none of that; he landed a nasty blow on her face and knocked her unconscious. While Annabel was unconscious, Kelvin carried her into a room and lay her on a bed. Taking a seat beside the bed, placed a call to Annabel’s grandmother, Idara Maxwell, “Hello madam, I have taken care of her. She came to me with loads of money to retrieve the videos from you.” “Thanks a lot Kelvin. Make sure her body is never found. Grind her up and pour her remains into a septic tank. None of my offerings shall energize the evil cult any more. There is a greater power to serve,” Idara said. When he had dropped the call, Kelvin stood over Annabel and said as though she could hear her, “If only you knew why everyone wants Eve and Stanley dead, you would have stayed away from finding the videos.”
Story continues..

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