Nigeria – Yoruba’s For Sale – Going, Going, Gone.

The Conspiracy of Our Political Leaders and the Complacency of Our People.
Tosin Ajibare Gold

Foolishness is when you being wise think others are fools and as such you can outsmart and outplay them. In fact this is the prerequisite for self destruction.

And this Self destruction is what our Political Leaders and Representatives are playing at, over hyping themselves as elites and learned folks, thereby undermining the frail seasoned Warrior, by & by the so called Illiterate Baba Go-slow will play them and win them as he has always done.

Hasn’t he always gotten away with everything? The Service Chiefs, The World Bank focus, The Radio Fulfulde… e.t.c

History is a reliable guide, An obvious tact by an ethnic group to #OccupyNigeria and perpetuate itself in every facet of leadership as their supposed God given right is progressing and succeeding with the speed of light and our leaders are playing loyal to His Highness, calculating 2023 presidency.

The Almighty Yoruba Nation has been demoted to just a pawn on a board of Chess in exchange for a shot at 2023 presidency, our leaders playing dumb to all facts and figures, to the extent that our own pastor, our foremost Yoruba political entity said the spate of insecurity and kidnappings is being exaggerated.

Our Father Oduduwa is on the altar of 2023 presidential ticket and about to be sacrificed.

Our Political Leaders will not save us, they will not save our heritage, they will not protect the sanctity of our land, they will sell us as they have always done.

I will not be sold, don’t know about you.

Tosin Ajibare Gold

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