The journey to Orlando was tiring. The road had bumbs, the journey
just wasn’t smooth and it was too long. Shirley was already having
pains around her neck and hips. She stole a look at Carl. She
envied him. He was enjoying the journey, she thought. It didn’t
surprise her. It was his job, he must have done it a hundred times,
who knows? Her eyes drifted to his hands on the steering wheel,
she began wishing. Shirley wished she was that wheel so that Carl
could touch her. She had always longed for his touch, his hands on
“Shirley?” Carl called again. He put one hand on the steering and
shook her with the other. She moved and gave him a serious look.
Carl laughed. “Don’t tell me you’re thinking of what to complain
about, huh?”
She’d been complaining since the start of their journey. He loved
her whining a lot. She reminded him of his younger sister. Shirley
also looked cute when frowning.
“No, I was just thinking of other things. I’m becoming used to this
horrible trip.”
Carl laughed again. She loved the deep roll of his laughter.
Focused on the road ahead, he said, “You’re whining, again.” She
ignored his statement.
Looking at the sky ahead, she began to grumble, “Carl! Its almost
night, look the sky is getting dark and we havn’t gotten to Orlando!
Are we gonna sleep on the road? I told you we should go by air
and by road in this police Jeep of yours!”
The Detective remained silent as she kept grumbling.
She continued, this time talking to herself. “Now what’s going to
happen to us-me?” she quickly corrected herself. She kept on
talking and talking like an insane woman. She hadn’t realized
they’d gotten to their destination till Carl opened the door of the
Seriously frightened, Shirley screamed, “Carl! Are you nuts, why
are you opening the door while still driving? You want us to crash?”
Carl was shocked. He looked critically at Shirley. He blinked his
eyes twice, then burst out laughing. Carl couldn’t control himself,
he kept on laughing and laughing. Seconds rolled into minutes Carl
was still laughing at the beauty who was insane that sat in his car.
Shirley, realizing the reason Carl was laughing became ashamed.
She wished her words could be swallowed. She used her hands to
cover her face for some minutes. She had been blabbing when
they arrived. God! What’s wrong with me? She asked herself in her
head. I’m gonna make myself look stupid in the presence of the
man I love! She cried. Now he thinks I’m crazy, why didn’t I pay
attention? Shirley wanted to cry. She had never felt so
embarrassed in her life! She didn’t say a word.
Carl stopped laughing and started unloading his and Shirley’s bag
like nothing happened.
Shirley didn’t do a thing, she just watched Carl and follwed him.
She wanted to help, but by using his hands, Carl said she
shouldn’t and she obeyed. She looked around the place they were
and noticed that they were in the premises of a hotel. It was
already too late to visit Jessica’s uncle. The stars were in the night
sky, shining brightly. The lights of the hotel made the compound so
beautiful. Beautiful electronic bulbs were placed on the trees,
decorating them. The lights blinked. Shirley smiled as she looked
at them. He smile turned into a grin when she saw other lights
forming the name of the hotel. SUN RISE, SUN SHINE.
Carl watched her a little and smiled. She hadn’t smiled since they
arrived. He called her and they began walking towards the
entrance of Sun Rise, Sun Shine. A guard, placed at the entrance of
the building opened the door for them. They met the receptionist, a
sweet lady. Carl booked a room for them, while Shirley looked
The room Carl had booked for them was little but cozy. She
wondered why they had to share a room. It was more like a
bedroom. Shirley studied the bed, ’twas a double bed. The foam
was covered using pink duvet, the pillow cases had the same
color but they were stripped with blue. Opposite the bed was a
sofa, a sofa bed. The walls of the room, yellow.
She turned and glanced at Carl, he was already arranging their
clothes into the hanger. She watched as he neatly separated hers
from his and handled hers with care. She liked that.
They both settled and made themselves comfortable. Shirley still
hadn’t said a word to Carl and it worried him. If they weren’t on
speaking terms, it wouldn’t make their work any easier, they had to
co-operate. Taking a deep breath, Carl sighed and turned to face
Shirley. She was sitting on the sofa, watching Tom&Jerry. He still
wondered how a grown woman like her still loved cartoons. “Are
you hungry?”
Shirley mused. Is he talking to me? She asked herself. Hmm, he
finally sopke to me. Clearing her throat she said, “I am very
“What would you like to eat?”
Instead of answering his question, she asked the same question,
rephrasing it, “You, what would you like to it?” she couldn’t believe
she’d have the nerve to play with Carl. But that was her, being
Carl wondered what had gotten into her head, he looked back for a
moment to be sure if anyone was behind him that he hadn’t
noticed before. Noticing they were the only ones in the room, he
turned back to her with a questioning look, “Me?”
She smiled, “Yes, you.”
Wanting to play her game, he debated, “I asked first,” winking at
She flushed, used her palm to cover her face for a while.
“Shirley, I am sorry. Honestly, I am.”
“Sorry for?” Pretending not to know why he was apologising.
Studying her, he understood her game and continued. He grinned.
“I laughed uncontrollably at you by the time we got here.” Saying it
made him remember her protests almost making him laugh again.
He witheld it.
Shirley caught the smile on his face. He hadn’t forgotten that. He’s
still laughing. She boiled with rage. Fuming, she retorted, “You’re
not sorry!” She got on her feet, stamped her right foot on the floor
and moved toward Carl, pointing a finger at him. When she got
close to him, she used her index finger to poke his chest. “I will
not tolerate it if you make fun of me, Carl. Yes, I’ve acted like a
fool but you shouldn’t bring it up again. You just want to annoy and
make fun of me.”
Carl held her hand, stopping her from poking him. He was already
hurting. The nail on her index finger was long, sharp and polished
with pink nail polish, the rest were like that including those on her
feet. “Shirley, you hurt me,” his voice was low, filled with pain. He
set her on the bed and stared at his chest. Her finger cut a bit of
his flesh and blood trickled out.
Shirley was sad as she saw the blood though it wasn’t much. It
pained her, she was hurting too. She fought back the tears in her
eyes. She moved closer to apologise almost touching him. He
backed off and strolled out of their suit.
She sighed and slumped on the bed.
He came back minutes later with a box of pizza and orange juice.
“This is what I could find, manage it please,” was all he said. She
nodded in response. They both ate in silence. Shirley couldn’t bring
herself to look into his eyes, guilt rammed all over her. How could
she hurt someone who was willing to risk his job and life for her
and Jessica? It wasn’t on purpose, she consolled herself.
After the meal, Carl thew himself into the sofa bed, Shirley had to
take the bed. Minutes later, he was fast asleep. She stared at him
for some seconds, sighed and went to bed.
**** **** **** ****
Dominic sat on the sunlounger below the sunshade at the front of
the conservatory in his garden. Tools lay on the floor scattered all
over. The rake was by his left close to a heap of dried leaves which
he had been raking, a wheel barrow was around the corner painted
red. Hand fork, shear and a watering can still littered the garden.
Dominic laid his back on the back of the sunlounger, he put his
hand on his forehead. His breathing was hard and deep. It shows
he was tired. He took a sip of the drink in his hand and sighed. He
peered at the garden, he’d done a lot of work but there was still
more and more. The vegetable porch was neatly arranged, they
were greener than ever, healthy. The flowers were carefully
trimmed and neat. The weeds were gone and some new seeds
were planted. The lawn was mowed, it shone. He still had to clear
the heap of dry grasses, grease the mower, rake and other tools.
Daggers still had to be collected and sent to his shop.
Sighing, he stood up and started to complete his chore. He took
hold of the shovel, used it in hurling dry grasses and other dirts
into the red wheelbarrow. The wind tossed some back littering the
neatly swept garden. Sand got into his eyes, he jerked which sent
the shovel out of his hand, the shovel fell on the wheelbarrow. The
wheel barrow tumbled upside down, landed on the edge of the
rake, the handle of the rake went up and struck the sunshade.
Dominic managed to get the sand out of his eyes, opened them
and saw that the place was a mess.
His face went red, hot with anger. He hissed, a long hiss. Stamped
his foot, dug his fingers into his hair which were damp from his
pespiration. He was getting out of his mind. He’d been up this
early to clear his garden and its just a mess. He kicked the shovel,
it hurt his foot.
“Ouch!” he screamed, hopping.
At that moment, his cell phone rang, he limped towards it, he saw
the caller ID and started calming down. It was an important call
from one whom he’d loved and grown up with. He flipped the cell.
“My sweet, cousin,” he greeted, forcing a smile, though she
couldn’t see it.
“Hello, Dominic”, Jessica replied cheerily.
“How are you, cousin?” he asked.
“I am good, Dominic.”Jessica called excitedly. “I want you to come
over tonight. I’ve got friends I want you to meet.”
Grinning, he said to the phone, “Anything you want, dear cousin.
What time do you want me there?”
“Is 7 all right?”
“Yes, it is. See you.” He disconnected the call. Oh, at least the day
won’t be as bad as I thought. Dinner at Jessica’s would be a
delight. Meeting new friends. Shirley would be there too, wherever
Jessica went, she went too. An inseperable pair, very unlikely. A
doctor and a counsellor. Jessica, the carefree type, easy going,
optimistic and easily scared. Shirley, the braver of the two, soft
hearted, pessimistic and hardly scared.
He’d always had an eye on Shirley, beautiful with big, round grey
eyes, brown hair, thin lips……. He came back to his senses before
he got hard, day dreaming of Shirley.
He quickly carried out his work with joy. The anger already
vanished, hearing his cousin’s voice and thinking of Shirley. Within
30 minutes, he was through, got into his house, bathed, dressed
up in his best tuxedo. Looking himself in the mirror, he was dead
handsome. He smiled and said, “Perfect.”

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