DEEP SECRETS Final Episode

Final Episode
5:14 pm, Chief Seriaki’s Home
While the nation shook over the events of the past days, political and business bigwigs assembled in Chief Seriaki’s home. It was his birthday. Sadly, for them, while the party was going on, Eve Nathan and her group released into the hands of the media the last bits of secrets in the videos which Jimmy left her. Amongst the guests in the party were Chucks, Clara, Stella and Elizabeth Sekwa. They all were disguised. Even a seer would have struggled to identify who they were. While Chucks, Clara and Stella were in the party to pass out damning secrets about certain people, Elizabeth was there to kill. Dressed like a steward, Elizabeth watched the governors who had each attended the party with their wives. The party was filled with randy sex deviants she knew very well from Mayo’s house. The presence of the six ministers and the seven celebrities in the sex videos left the impression on Elizabeth, Clara, Chucks and Stella that more might be going on in the party. It wasn’t long before they found out just how right they were. In Mayo’s fun house, words were rarely used before orgies began. There were sign languages which were used to say all that needed to be said. Chucks, his team, and Elizabeth, who was working solo, were stunned when those sign expressions began to be used openly in Chief Seriaki’s birthday party.
“It has begun again,” Elizabeth whispered to herself. At the other end of the lounge, Chucks asked Clara and Stella if they had seen what was going on. He was perplexed and could hardly believe his eyes. “I saw the acting president make one of the signs. This is not a birthday party, they are rebuilding the fallen cult,” said Clara. “What do we do?” Stella asked. “Place a call to Eve, tell her what is going on. I am going upstairs to find out what they are up to,” Chucks said. Stella hurried out of the lounge, while Chucks went upstairs. Upstairs, Chucks met bouncers he did not even know were in the building. He recognized them. They worked for Mayo. Their presence was testament to the fact that the old cult was rebuilding itself. Chucks tried to join the men and women assembled upstairs but the bouncers stopped him. He said something to them in a hidden tongue, they stepped back, replied him and let him in. Chucks was shocked to see the acting president address the assembled men and women. He could not understand his role in their midst. He was never seen in Mayo’s house and was not in any of the videos. So what is he doing with the worst collection of sexually deranged men and women known to mankind? He thought.
While Chucks listened to the acting president, he almost fainted when he mentioned the name, ‘Eve Nathan’. For a moment Chucks though he didn’t hear right. He inched closer and listened to every word from the acting president’s mouth. “Those outside this family who have anything to do with the videos must be silenced. It is time to move on from the distractions of the videos and rebuild our dying nation. Eve Nathan is not one of us, but she has great powers backing her. However, this is our nation and as always, we must find a way to silence her and her husband. The call from within the family to grant Billy Sekwa pardon has grown loud. Sadly, we could not give him that. Our national friends in Europe and America will frown at that. So to give them the impression that we mean business about doing things right, we had to put Billy Sekwa down last night…Billy Sekwa is dead. He was a sacrifice that had to be made.”
“Why would Billy be killed and Julia Idris and her husband allowed to live? I don’t get it!” one of the seven celebrities queried angrily. “Julia and Manga will die in custody. We just can’t kill everybody in the same night. There is a call for us to try Julia and Manga for the spate of corruption under their government. We can’t just kill them; however, they will die in a few weeks. That has been agreed…” The president was stopped by Chief Seriaki who joined them. He whispered something and left. Chucks was also surprised that a man like him had something to do with the likes of people in the room. “Turn on the television and tune to x6,” requested the acting president. When the television was tuned to x6 channel, the images on it were shocking. The adult channel was screening recorded images of the three serving governors having sex with a teenage girl. The teenager was crying and calling for help while the governors turned every opening in her body into a sex organ. “Turn off the screen!” the acting president yelled. “What happened to the girl after that?” he asked. “She died in their hands!” Chucks replied. He had his hands on his gun and was slightly shaking with anger.
All eyes were on him. Thankfully his disguised looked gave nothing away. “Was her death necessary?” the acting president asked. “Mayo penciled her name down,” someone replied. “So it was necessary,” the acting president said almost to himself. “Yes, it was necessary sir,” said one of the three governors in the video clip they just saw. “Find whoever her parents are and reward them handsomely. I want that done today. The three governors should not bother getting involved with that assignment, let the family handle that,” The acting president said and left with a deep frown on his face. Chucks followed him closely but was stopped by security guards. Everyone in the room was asked to sit down. Reluctantly Chucks sat. Then his phone rang. It was a text message from Clara and Stella. It read, “ Chucks, you have to get out of Seriaki’s home now. We have got in touch with Eve, she believes Elizabeth and a squad paid by Idara before her death are around to serve poison to a lot of people in this party. Get out now! We are already on our way out .”
Chucks wasn’t entirely surprised by that. He had seen a lady like Elizabeth serving drinks with a bevy of provocatively dressed ladies. He didn’t think then she was Elizabeth because of her looks. When the door swung open, Chucks stood to his feet to leave, but was shocked to see a herd of nubile young men and women ushered into the large palatial room. They were all stark naked. An orgy was about to begin. How did they manage to get this number of young people into this place? Chucks thought. One of the girls came for him and handed him a cup of drink. He took it and brought it to his nose. It reeked of Pendulum . Chucks held the girl, acting the part he was interested in the orgy which had begun. “You shouldn’t be here Chucks,” the girl whispered, while unzipping Chucks trouser. Chucks felt his heart miss a few beats. “Who are you? Who told you my name?” Chucks asked in a low tone. His phone was beeping on and off. Eve, Stanley, Clara and his detective were all sending him sms.
“I am an agent working under Eve Nathan. She wants us to end this tonight. You have to get away from here now! The drinks are poisoned, and there are shooters everywhere. The acting president is on our side now. The video you probably saw moved him to our side.” Chucks was hesitant, he wanted to tell the girl what he heard the acting president say, but chose not to. The girl grabbed him and began to kiss him passionately, Chucks responded equally. In the background the room was already like Sodom. Lustful, passionate moans and cries filled it. “Carry me to the restroom,” the girl whispered. Chucks lifted her and made for the restroom. In the restroom, Chucks got a good look at the girl. She was Mattie, the girl who bombed Billy Sekwa’s home and killed Idara Maxwell. Chucks had no clue who she was. “You said you work for Eve, who else knows about her?” Chucks asked. “Just you, the club owner and Stanley. I was flown in last week with the help of Jimmy to end all this. The guys and girls who entered here with me are seasoned killers, they will have fun for a while before ending those miserable lives,” Mattie replied. “How do I get out of here?” “I am sure you can get out now. You have to hide here till we begin to move the bodies out. They must have locked the doors by now. I will put you in one of the body bags and get you out,” Mattie explained.
In a motorcade heading out of Chief Seriaki’s home were the acting president and Seriaki. “Isn’t it too suspicious Mr. President that I am not around in my house to celebrate with my guests on my birthday?” Seriaki asked. “Chief if you go back there, you might not live to see tomorrow. This is now Eve Nathan’s show. I just got off a call from my Mossad friend in South Africa. He thinks Eve might be a CIA spy. From what I was told, she has the backing of very powerful people in US government.” “What do I do?” “Nothing. Do nothing Chief. I am very sorry I can’t join the group. If raping young girls to death is what the cult is all about, I am very sorry, I can’t join them,” the acting president emphasized. “I am with you on that one Mr. president, however, I need to go back to my house. Stop the motorcade and let me go back.” “I am sorry; I can’t do that Chief. Have you heard the name Maggie Maxwell before?” “Yes, I know her.” “She sent us a video a while ago showing you and an underage girl in sex. Let me ask you, did the girl die in your hands like the other girls?” Seriaki was shocked. He lowered his head in shame. “She is alive,” he replied. “What are you hiding then?” “My son is in there. He belongs to Mayo’s cult.” “Don’t worry Chief, we have sent your son away.” Seriaki took a sigh of relief.
10:20 pm, Restaurante Spazio, Maputo
“It is over. Maggie we did it!” Jimmy said excitedly. “Yea we did it. However, I am not sure it is over for you. Eve and Stanley still want you to answer some questions,” Maggie said. “Don’t worry about me. I will make things up with Eve and Stanley. I know how to.” “I hope it works out for you… I want to know; at what point did you find out who Eve was?” “When I was in South African prison. That was after my failed attempt to kill her.” “I find it a little hard to believe that you didn’t send her those videos and documents to have her killed.” “I will swear on my life, if that will make you believe me, I did not send her the videos and documents with evil intention. I was afraid, I would get killed doing my job. So much was happening in our nation and no one seemed to care. I was shocked when I found out what Mayo and his group were doing. To get more information about those politicians and millionaires I had to convince Emilia to bring me on board… I sent Eve those videos and documents because I knew she would make good use of them. The girl is a d–n CIA agent. Before I found out who she was in South Africa, she had been into espionage for eight years. Within those years she helped bring down unpopular governments and corrupt politicians. That girl can take the least bit of negative information about you and destroy your life with in within weeks. That is her training,” Jimmy said grinning.
“What makes you think you can handle such a girl?” “Because I now work for the same people she works for, and I know who you work for too. I am not a fool Maggie… Do you think I wouldn’t find out how you got in touch with the Mozambican president? When did you join?” Maggie smiled, sipped her drink and pulled at a tuft of her hair as if they held the very words she wanted to speak. “They approached me after I divorced Maxwell. That was in London. They were the ones who told me what was going on back home. All I saw was the sexual orgies. I didn’t know about the human sacrifices and shocking embezzlement in government,” Maggie explained. “So what’s next for you now?” “Jimmy, I have got my spoilt children to show love to and guide to the way of light… Can I ask you a question?” “Yes.” “I heard something, is it true? Idara Maxwell was not your mother.” “She never was my mother. My being her son was a fad sold to her to help me get close enough to find out what she was doing with the Russians. Her son was killed in Guinea Conakry by the French. He was like the rest of Maxwells. He was dealing in human organs.”
11:24 pm, Military Hospital Ikoyi
Emilia was lying on the bed asleep. She had been fully revived. A doctor walked into her room. He removed a syringe from his white overall coat. It contained a poisonous substance. He looked at the door to make sure no one was watching him. He took Emilia’s hands and injected the needle into her skin. Emilia startled up. The doctor drove the liquid content into her bloodstream. “What was that? What did you just give me?” The doctor whom Emilia had not seen before stood staring at her. He said no word. He was waiting for the poison to kick in. Just them Emilia began to cough. She grabbed her throat with two hands as the coughing got worse. From her eyes, nose and ears blood began to ooze. “Goodbye Emilia. I hope you get enough sex in hell,” the doctor said as he began to walk away. Suddenly he stopped, turned back and added, “That was love from Annabel Maxwell and her mother.”
8:18 am, Chucks’ House
Chucks was narrating to Clara and Stella what happened in Chief Seriaki’s house. “None of them made it. They were given the same treatment they gave others. Maybe I should say we gave others. Most of them died having sex. Like the girls who died in Mayo’s house, one after the other their hearts froze. Pendulum did the job. We should be thankful that we still have our lives to live after the manner in which we lived. I guess we are last of the group left.” Stella and Clara were in tears. “What happened to the governors,” Stella asked. Chucks paused for momentarily and then said, “They were butchered like cows. I saw their vital organs removed. Mattie wouldn’t tell me who bought their organs, but I know that was her little business,” Chucks replied.
“I am afraid of governments. You saw this, yet the public have been fooled that the governors died in a plane crash on their way back from the party,” Clara observed. “The act of governance thrives in secrecy and lies. Sadly, an average man in the street believes what he is always told,” Chucks observed. “Who knows how they will explain the death of the celebrities, the ministers, Julia Idris and her husband?” “Believe me, when the news breaks, the people will believe whatever they are told,” Clara said, still shedding tears. “I am fortunate to still have my life. I want to go see my husband and children,” Stella said as she stood up to leave. “Your ex-husband, not your husband,” Chucks corrected her. “Yes, my ex-husband,” agreed Stella.
10:00 am, Four Seasons Resort, Seychelles Island
Long after their wedding, Eve and Stanley finally had their honeymoon. Stanley was standing in their hotel room stark naked with a blindfold over his eyes. Eve peeped at him from the bathroom and yelled, “I can see your eyes! Baby you are looking at me!” Stanley brought down his hand. “I was only scratching my nose,” he lied. Eve was making him sweat over seeing her nude. She stepped out of the bathroom wearing nothing. Her curvy shape was sublime. He boobs stood so firm she could knock a basin of water down with them. “Remove the blindfold!” she said. Stanley could not wait. He yanked it off and looked at her wide-eyed. He swallowed hard. “Come here!” he ordered. Eve had thought she could still play hard. The sigh of Stanley’s muscular build and pulsating body sent electric waves from her spine down her private part. As though on cue, the two of them attacked each other. Stanley scoped her up like a child and lay her on the bed, with her moans she guided his hands and lips. An hour later, their bed was covered with blood. Stanley had taken her virginity. “I am glad I gave you this,” Eve said as she folded the piece of cloth on which she bled. “Can I have more? I think we only just unlocked the door, right?” Stanley asked. Eve tossed the cloth on the floor, spread herself wide in a very provocative manner and said, “I am all yours till the day I can breathe no more.” Stanley took her boobs in his hands and dug his mouth into them. The moan Eve let out was blissful.
Three Months Later
Elizabeth Sekwa resurfaced after the slaughter in Chief Seriaki’s house and began to rebuild the Sekwa dynasty. Many of her father’s friends who died in that party were her making. Till this day, no one knows her role in the death of Idara Maxwell. Her craving for sex was no less than it had been. However, what her brothers and sisters lacked she became to them – a fierce, protective mother.
I guess you all now know who Eve Nathan is ???

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