Episode 41
06:48 pm, The Militia Camp
“I think I have told you everything I know. The only way to end this, is to kill those who made the videos and those who want you dead. I still don’t understand why Idara allowed her men to leak the information that she found the videos in your father’s house. I don’t trust that woman. She must be up to something evil. She is looking for me because she has figured out I might have something to do with Jimmy. I guess I am stuck with you all here until this ends,” Mr. Banks said. “There is another copy of the videos and a document containing top secrets about the rich and the powerful in our nation. Jibril Samuel also sent it to my mother. What does he want me to do with them?” Eve asked. “He wanted you to keep them safe, but now you have to use them to end this.” Mr. Banks said. He looked around to see if anybody was watching, drew closer to Eve and whispered, “If you have forgotten, and if others don’t know who you are, Eve Nathan, I know who you are. I have contact with some resourceful people, we can team up and blow the Idris, the Sekwas, the Maxwells and the governors of this world out of the waters. You and Stanley can end this now! It is time for you to go to your honeymoon since you had your wedding.”
“I don’t want to blow my cover and I don’t have the training to deal with such a situation. I handle only information; that is my expertise,” Eve whispered. “Yes, that is what you are good at and Jimmy has sent you all the information you need to fight these beasts who seek to destroy you and devour our nation. Eve Nathan, it is time to go to war!” Eve turned to look at Stanley and he nodded, indicating he agreed with Mr. Banks. “Let me have your phone baby,” Eve requested. Stanley handed her his phone. Eve placed a call to Abel her brother, “Abel, I am sending Damina to you. I want you to bring with you the videos and the document to the camp.” “What are you planning, Eve?” “I want to end this. That is the only way to be free again. Tell Daddy to dial the SOS code I gave him, and declare his location after six seconds. Some people will find him by eleven pm tonight. They will take you all out of the country. You must be there when they come, Abel.” “I still remember, Eve. We have been rehearsing everything you told us.” “Good. Damina is coming for you.” “Okay sis, I know where to wait for him.”
Eve dropped the call and hugged Stanley. She was very afraid. Stanley took her in his arms, kissed her and put her down on a table. “I am with you on this. If we die trying, let it be,” Stanley said, doing his best to encourage her. Eve nodded with tears flowing from her eyes.
With Eve and Stanley having decided to go on the offensive, Mr. Banks had to get in touch with Kelvin. Banks knew the drill, if he was taken by any armed group, Jimmy was to send in a rescue team to either kill him or rescue him. As things were, there was no longer need for that. It was time to bring all hands on deck and fight as a united front. “I have to speak with Kelvin, I need your phone Stanley,” Mr. Banks requested. Stanley broke from kissing Eve and asked, “Who is Kelvin?” “He is Jimmy’s marksman. I need to let him know you are working with us. If I don’t tell him what we are up to, he might hinder our plans. He must have been told to rescue me from my abductors. Believe me, the guy is good. He will make things difficult for you if I don’t let him in on what we are up. He has to know I am not being held hostage.” “Do you trust this guy?” “Absolutely.” “Okay, talk to him then,” Stanley said and tossed his phone to Mr. Banks. Holding Eve firmly, he drew closer to Mr. Banks to hear what he would tell Kelvin.
“Hello Kelvin, this is Bankole. I am no longer being held hostage.” “How! Who broke you out?” “There was no need to break me out. I am working with Eve and Stanley now. I have convinced them to fight back. They already know Jimmy is alive and have spoken with him. Kelvin, it’s time to end this. It’s time to take our lives back,” Mr. Banks explained. “Are you sure about this?” “I am dead sure of it. It is time to fight.” “Okay Banks, let me get in touch with Jimmy.” “Call me back when you are done speaking with him.” “Okay, Banks.” Some forty minutes later, Damina and his colleagues led Abel into their camp. Inside a waiting room, Eve, Stanley, Steve, Mr. Banks, Clara, Stella and the detective all convened. As soon as Abel entered the room, Stanley took from him the parcel he brought and asked Damina to take him back to the barracks where he, his siblings and parents were hiding. Damina was not in so much haste to leave immediately, the twenty million ransom they took from Mr. Banks had just arrived. He felt he should let Eve and her team know they had got the money and to assure them they were ready to duel with their enemies.
“Mr. Banks, your wife and brother have sent us the twenty million. You are no longer being held here against your will. You can leave whenever your business with Eve and Stanley is done… and with our protection too,” Damina said grinning from ear to ear. “I am glad to hear that. Thank you,” said Mr. Banks. “Aunty Eve, we are now ready to do what needs to be done. When you are ready for our roles, let us know,” Damina said before letting him himself and Abel out of the room. He was happy, having negotiated the twenty million ransom, he would get a large share of it. “I hope you understand we did what had to be done, Mr. Banks? We didn’t mean for you to lose twenty million bucks,” Stanley explained. “Oh! Common Stanley, twenty million is nothing to me. I will take it for the expense we made to hire these boys and the protection this camp gives. I want you and Eve to know I have never been in support of any plan to harm you. I am willing to even spend more to see that we wind up the video scandal.”
“You don’t have to bother with explaining things to him Stanley; had he not cooperated with us, I would have killed him anyway. Mr. Banks should be happy that his body is not floating on a river by now. I have lost my team to this mess. My men did nothing deserving death,” said the detective. “I am grateful you spared my life sir. I wish there was something I could have done to save your men who were killed. Take heart,” Mr. Banks offered. With everyone ready to hear their next move, Eve stood in their midst and announced, “We are going to fight back! I am done running and so is my husband. I haven’t had one second of sex with my husband since our wedding day…” “What!!! Please let us give them a few minutes for a quickie!! Hey, let’s go! Let’s go out!!” Mr. Banks screamed. “I don’t want a quickie sir! I have waited all my life for it and I am not going to have it for the first time as a quickie. I will wait for this to end. Sit down everyone, we have plans to make,” Eve said. “What is she talking about Stanley?” Stella asked. “Stella, Eve is a virgin,” replied Stanley. Stanley’s reply to Stella’s enquiry hushed everyone in the room. You could have heard a pin drop. For what seemed like two minutes, everyone in the room stared at Eve.
“Stop looking at me that way! Being a virgin doesn’t hurt. I am not feeling any pains. I only miss living like a married woman with my husband. Since our wedding night we have been shot at, dodging bullets and on the run…” Eve paused as she felt a lump in her throat. She was about to cry. Clara and Stella stood up and hugged her so tightly she had to beg them to let go of her. “We have the original videos and a document whose content will leave the hairs on your body standing erect. We are going to make their contents public! We are going to fight with them…” Eve paused again for her words to sink into her audience. “A certain Jibril Samuel sent them to my mother. Of course you now know that Jibril Samuel is Jimmy Maxwell. According to Mr. Banks, Chief Seriaki’s birthday is a few days away, I know many bigwigs will be there, there can’t be a better place to strike than in that party. We have an army now, so we can fight back better than we ever have,” she continued.
7:20 pm, Radisson Blue
Idara bowed before the mirror and spoke briefly a tongue which Billy did not understand. When she stood to her feet she explained, “I told the mirror with some incantation which had to be made that we wish to have it shine its light on people who are not in this room. Billy, you must now ask the mirror who leaked those bits of information against us.” Billy reached for his trouser, but Idara clutched it from him and tossed it away. “You cannot not be clothed when making enquiries before the mirror,” Idara cautioned. Billy apologized to her, cleared his throat and began, “Mirror of oaths, we humbly wish to know who leaked the information for which we are being attacked in the media. Since you have cleared the both of us of that wrong, please reveal to us who made those pieces of information public,” Billy said and turned to look at Idara for a confirmation he made the inquiry the right way. Before he could turn to look at the mirror again, it came alive like a flat screen television. A roiling ball of smoke appeared on the mirror and out of it, the faces of Jimmy Maxwell and Kelvin appeared.
7: 51 pm, Blue River Hotel
Elizabeth stepped out of the bathroom wearing nothing. Her phone was ringing and a boy was on the bed naked. She moved across the room and picked the call, “Why haven’t I heard any bomb explode in my father’s house?” she asked. “We were waiting to be sure all your sisters have been abducted and are safe,” a male voice replied. “Are they safe now?” “Yes, we have all of them and as I speak, they are safe.” “So when are you going to blow something up in my father’s house? I want Billy Sekwa shaken very well.” “In the next five minutes.” “Thanks, my television is on. Please make a hefty ransom for all my sisters. It must appear like one of my father’s political enemies took them.” “Don’t worry, we have that covered already.”
To be continued!

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