Episode 40
2:27 pm, Kelvin’s Work House
“Kelvin, Annabel has been abducted in Mozambique, who did you tell she was coming to Mozambique?” Jimmy Maxwell asked over the phone. “I told no one else, but we have information that Maggie Maxwell is back to fix the things she left undo when she abandoned her children and ran to London years ago,” Kelvin lied. “Well, you just gave me some useful information about Maggie Maxwell. Thank you. I want you to move in on the governors, and to also set the ball rolling about how to finish off Manga and Julia Idris. Stanley got in touch with me. He has taken Mr. Banks, the club owner, hostage and is interrogating him, there are somethings I do not want Mr. Banks to reveal about me and Eve. You have to find Mr. Banks and kill him now. However, if it is possible for you to find and extract him from Stanley alive, please do. Mr. Banks has served me well.” “Okay, sir. I am wondering, how did Stanley find out you are working with Mr. Banks?” “I don’t know, Kelvin; but the governors have been making all sorts of deals lately to find the videos and clean up their acts. I suspect them. They could have given Stanley some information in exchange for some knowledge about the videos.” “I doubt that boss, Stanley will shoot them at first sight. Those governors paid to have Eve and Stanley killed. I can’t imagine Stanley making a deal with them.”
“Whatever, the truth is that Stanley and Eve now know that I am alive. It won’t be long before they come for me. I am the reason they are in trouble. I mailed the videos and those documents to Eve’s mother when Billy Sekwa’s men came for me. I want to end all these and make things right. It is about time Eve and Stanley lived their lives without the pains I caused them… What is my mother up to now?” “She is still looking for you and wants to take from you all the bits of information you have about her filthy life and secrets, before killing you in the cruelest manner she can possibly come up with.” “Well that is if she can catch me. Keep making her believe you are working for her. I understand the contact between my mother and Billy Sekwa was friendly.” “Yes, very friendly. It seems they might be working together now.” “We can’t let that happen. Billy and my mother, Idara, cannot work together. Use what we have against them to bring them apart.” “Okay, let me go to work on the things you want done.” “Alright Kelvin.”
As soon as Kelvin was done talking to Jimmy Maxwell aka Jibril Samuel, he placed a call to Maggie Maxwell, “Hello Maggie, did you abduct Annabel in Mozambique?” “Yes, I did. Do you have a problem with that?” Maggie asked. “Yes, I do. You should not have done that. The plan was to let Annabel meet with Jimmy first. He has no intention to harm her. He was the one who saved her from your mother in-law…” “Shut up Kelvin! Idara Maxwell is not my mother in-law any more than the devil is a son of God! Annabel is my daughter and cannot be safer with anyone else than she can be with me.” “So have you met with her?” “Not yet, the police and secret service agents in Maputo are looking for her everywhere. My men are still smuggling her around. Obviously, Jimmy has a lot of influence here. Make sure you don’t let him know I am in Mozambique.” Kelvin’s jaw dropped in fear, already he had told Jimmy that Maggie was in Mozambique.
Three Hours Later, Restaurante Spazio, Maputo
Annabel was shocked to meet with her mother. She was in tears and ashamed of herself for the filthy things which she had done with her grandfather and father. She was aware her mother knew all about those. Maggie hugged her passionately as she cried as well. “I am sorry mummy,” Annabel said as she tried to kneel down and plead for her mother’s forgiveness. Maggie pulled her up. “Don’t do that Annie!” She demanded. No one had called Annabel that name in the years her mother had been away. While others called her Anna, her mother chose to shorten her name to Annie. “You were seven years when I ran away from the filth in the Maxwell’s family. I am the one to apologize to you. I should have taken you and your siblings with me to London. I am sorry, please forgive me. I was afraid of your grandfather and his monster wife.”
Annabel sobbed so hard her body jolted, “I missed you a lot. Many times I wanted to kill myself to escape the pain and horror with went through in the house. Mum, I was just ten years when grandpa began to have sex with me…” “Shhh! Don’t say it please. It makes my heart bleed. I already know all that happened. I am here now and I will make things right?” Maggie pleaded with her daughter as tears flowed from her eyes. Just then then, a troop of armed military policemen entered the restaurant. Leading them was Jimmy Maxwell. “See what the cat dragged in! The legendary Maggie Maxwell!” Bowing like a count before his king, Jimmy said, “Maggie, it is an honour to meet you for the first time. I admire your courage. You are a brave woman.” “Mother, who is he?” Annabel asked, trying hard to recall where she saw the face. Just before Maggie could answer Jimmy, Annabel exclaimed, “This man is supposed to be dead! He was shot dead in a nightclub in Lagos!”
Jimmy stepped closer, stretched his hand toward Annabel for a handshake and said, “Hello Annabel, I am Jimmy Maxwell. You are welcome to Maputo.” “A Maxwell? Mother who is this guy?” “He is really not a Maxwell, Maybe a half-blood Maxwell. Your grandmother slept with a pig who gave birth to him. He is certainly part of the sexual deviation amongst the Maxwells. Now you know why I didn’t want you to meet with him before we see… have a sit Jimmy.” Jimmy was red-faced and didn’t like the introduction he got from Maggie. “That is certainly the wrong thing to say about your fan Maggie. Can I have back my guest whom I saved from Idara? When I am done with her, your get-together can continue.” “Annabel is my daughter and I have the right to keep her. She is not your prisoner… and thanks for saving her from your demented mother.” “Tell me, how would you like it? Would you prefer to let me go have a chat with my niece peacefully or would you like to be put behind bars while I meet with her?” Jimmy asked Maggie with an air of arrogance. Maggie fiddled with her phone, she seemed to be making a call.
“I don’t need to be told Jimmy, I already know this is your city and that you have so much power here. But don’t count on it. I have friends here too. How would you like to discuss with the president of Mozambique which prison you prefer most for me?” Maggie asked and offered her phone to Jimmy. Jimmy thought she was bluffing and took the phone from her. Much to his surprise the voice of Mozambican president came through the line, “Hello Jimmy! How are the Maxwells getting on with their hangout in my country?” “President Kianga Rachida, we are having fun. Oh! My brother’s wife is an interesting woman to hang out with.” “I am glad to hear your hangout is going as planned. If you need anything to make Maggie happy, do not hesitate to ask me. I understand she has been through a lot already looking for her daughter.” “Thank you Mr. President.” “You are welcome Jimmy.” Jimmy was shocked. As he tried to return the phone to Maggie, she tapped on a seat next to her and said, “Sit down man.” Jimmy sat down and waved at the military policemen who came with him to leave the restaurant. “On whose side are you, Jimmy? Idara is looking for you. She will be glad to know where you are right now, wouldn’t she?”
6:02, Radisson Blue
Days had passed since Idara and Billy swore oaths which bound them to work together both in government and in their quest to destroy those who made the videos which had the potential to destroy their lives permanently. The purpose of their second meeting today was to find out the source of the new attacks which had hit them. Idara and Billy were of the idea that having sworn oaths not to attack each other before the mirror of oaths, there was no way they could have turned on each soon after the oaths they took. Incriminating documents about how Idara Maxwell’s late husband helped previous governments siphon billions from government coffers had surfaced in the media. Political analysts and social activists had latched onto the unfolding story and pointed accusing fingers at Billy Sekwa as the one who leaked the classified information to the public. The analysts and activists were quick to point out that Idara was the only person who could stop Billy’s obvious designs to return to government and for that had leaked that information to discredit her before the public.
While the news trended and had tongues wagging, a video of Billy Sekwa, sucking the b—–s of three underage girls in his home surfaced on the internet. Political discussion platforms picked the breaking news and drove it as far as they could. Religious organizations and popular pastors openly condemned Billy and told their nation that a man who sleeps with underage girls was not fit to lead a nation seeking to free itself from the cloud of darkness which had over taken it. To the average man on the street, Billy Sekwa and Idara Maxwell were fighting dirty in full public glare. However, the two political bigwigs had no clue where those pieces of classified information about them were coming from. If they had not sworn oaths, a bloody clash would have broken out between them. Jimmy and Kelvin were behind the bits of information rocking the media. Idara was not sure who was hunting her and neither did Billy, but the popular opinion was that a cold war had broken out between Billy and Idara.
“This mirror was not my idea, and swearing oaths before it was neither my idea. If I had not verified the potency of this mirror, I would have concluded you deliberately tried to fool me with the oaths sworn before it. I will still ask you, Idara, do you know anything about that video showing me and some girls in my house?” Idara said no word. She stripped her clothes off and stood before the mirror totally naked. “The ancient powers in this mirror of oaths, you know me, I am Idara Maxwell. I have done many wrongs, but the one which I am being accused of now, I did not do it. If I am lying, strike me down this minute,” Idara declared before the mirror. A ball of light emerged from the mirror and enveloped everything in the hotel room. Idara tottered a bit on her feet, and then hit the floor. Billy did not see her fall, the light from the mirror was too strong for his eyes. When the light had receded into the mirror, Billy found Idara on the floor. In fear he moved closer to see if she was okay.
Idara was fine. She turned and asked Billy to pull her to her feet, Billy did, with his eyes fixed on her face. “Stop looking at me that way. I survived the search of the mirror of oaths. Now it’s your turn. Strip down and declare your innocence before the mirror. If you survive the light from the mirror, then we are both innocent,” Idara said. Billy was sure he had not leaked that information about Idara’s husband’s dealings with government regimes and so stripped off his clothes without fear. Standing naked before the mirror, he declared, “Mirror of oaths, though I have not stood before you to declare my innocence concerning any matter in the past, I am sure you can see that I Billy Sekwa did not betray my partner here by giving the public the information with which she is being vilified. Prove my innocence and search me with your light of truth.” The last word on Billy’s mouth had hardly left his tongue when the mirror struck with a forceful blinding light and leveled him on the floor. Disfigured faces in the light hovered over him and within seconds returned into the mirror. Slowly Billy stood to his feet, coughing badly. “You can see I am innocent, Idara. The mirror did not kill me,” Billy said amid his coughs. “Now that we have confidence restored between us, maybe we should ask the mirror who is behind our current problems,” Idara suggested.
Story continues…

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