Episode 38
9:06 pm, Radisson Blue
When Billy arrived Radisson Blue, Idara was already waiting. Wishing not to be surprised, Billy had come with a small army. While their separate guards kept watch, Idara and Billy took time to straighten their plan to terminate those in the videos and those involved in the making of the videos. “I hope you know if we go ahead with this plan, it would become a potential tool in our hands to destroy each other in the future. A killing of this scale can turn the whole nation against us when they get the knowledge of it,” Billy explained. “I know, but if we plan the killings together and execute them together, none of us can use it against the other,” Idara said, trying to allay his fears. “I feel we should hold off killing those in the videos, they were framed up just like you and I. I got the videos and document you sent to me. Since the two of us have the videos we can use them to threaten any of those in the videos if they become a problem in the future.” “If you feel strongly about that, then let us go ahead with it. However, in the future, I hope you won’t have cause to regret this decision.” “I hope I won’t Idara. However, there are a few people in the videos I want to silence forever…” “I think I know who they are, the governors, right?” Idara cut in. “Yes, the governors. I want them dead.”
“You don’t have to bother about them, I have set plans in motion to end their miserable lives. The three of them will be in Chief Seriaki’s birthday in a few days’ time, whatever they eat in that party will be their last meal,” Idara said with a wry smile on her face. “I like that. While you take care of them I will take care of Chief Baribote and Emilia. I heard Emilia is unwell and has gone into hiding. I will find her; I am sure of that.” “We just don’t need to kill Emilia; we need her alive. She must have useful information about my son Jimmy. She planned all this together with him. Please don’t kill her, I want her alive. When I will have extracted the information I want from her, I will show her the measure of pain worse than death.” As if on cue, their phones began to ring at the same time. When they picked the calls, their mouths hung low in mild shock. Idara blinked a few times and dropped the call. Billy made a call to someone and asked if he had got any new information about his daughter Elizabeth. The answer he got was not what he wanted to hear. He sighed and dropped the call. “Chief Baribote is dead…” The two of them said at the same time. Idara smiled and observed, “I see you have a good surveillance network. That is good. This time I think you will make a better president.” “Are you behind the death of Baribote and the young man, Steve?” Billy asked, looking wary of Idara.
Idara picked the spoon on her table, bit it hard momentarily and then swore to him, “I am innocent of their deaths. Believe me I am not behind this one. My guess is that the governors carried out this hit. I have heard they sent a hit squad to Mr. Nathan’s house after they heard I found the videos there.” “Who is Mr. Nathan?” “Eve’s Father.” “Oh, I see… if the governors are killing everyone connected to the videos, I guess we need to step things up, Idara.” “Yes we should; but you haven’t said a thing about your daughter Elizabeth. I have heard she is growing very strong. I think you should watch your back.” “Don’t bother about me Idara, I can take care of myself. Now tell me, how much influence would you want in my government?” “Billy, before we get to that, there is a condition we both must meet,” Idara said as she stood to her feet. “Come with me,” she continued.
Billy stood and signaled to his men to follow him. I dara led him into the elevator and punched in the fifth floor. When they got to the fifth floor, a lady was already waiting for them. The lady led Idara to a door and pointed at it. Idara stopped and waved at both her men and Billy’s men saying, “This is as far as you all can go. You have to wait for us here. She opened the door and stepped in. Billy waited a moment before joining her. Inside the hotel room was a six feet, slender mirror, which had a red frame. “If we shall kill those that need to be killed together and work together in the government which you shall form soon, then something greater than us must bind us to our words. This mirror holds the sort of power you have not experienced before. In front of it, we shall strip naked and swear an oath that you and I shall kill those who need to be killed and shall work together in your government. We shall tell the mirror that neither you nor I shall turn against each other with the knowledge of the things we are about to do. Billy Sekwa, I want you to think through this before you say a word before this mirror, it can kill faster than lightening. It can wipe out your whole generation if you break the words you speak before it this day,” Idara cautioned, and began to remove her clothes. Billy stared at the mirror, thinking hard about Idara’s words.
10:18 pm, Chuck’s Hideout
Chucks and the detective helped the club owner out of the car. They had made a stop at a doctor friend’s house to patch up the club owner. Chucks was still waiting to hear from Clara and Stella about their visit to Billy Sekwa. The receptionist who escaped from the clubhouse had been on the phone with the club owner telling him what happened at his club when a team of armed men stormed into the club. From their conversation, Chucks could tell they had been expecting a day like that. From the much he heard, the club owner, Jimmy Maxwell and the governors were working together in some capacity. The club owner was hoping Chucks won’t figure that out, but the shocking sight they met inside the house which served as Chucks hideout, would later help to loosen the club owner’s tongue. On the floor were strewn the dead bodies of the guards they had left behind to watch over Steve and Chief Baribote. Chucks ran into the room where Steve and Baribote were kept and found them dead. Their brains had been blown to bits. He wasn’t expecting that. His fear when he saw the dead bodies was that Steve and Baribote must have been taken away. While he looked on in disbelief, the detective joined him in the room and got the same shock.
Chucks left the room and counted the bodies of the guards lying dead in the house. From his count, one guard was missing, and he knew which one. He ran upstairs and checked his cubicle, a few of his belongings were gone. He placed a call to Stanley. He had to dial his number twice before it was picked. “Stanley, we have been betrayed, one of the men working for my detective has betrayed us. Chief Baribote and Steve have been killed,” Chucks said. Stanley sighed in anger. He was hoping to take care of Steve and Baribote by himself. “When did this happen,” Stanley asked. “Today. A few hours ago. How did it go with Idara Maxwell? She is still holding you people right?”
“We are with some local militia somewhere in the city. Idara let us go…” “What!! She let you people go?!” “Yes, Chucks. We are as shocked as you are. I think you have to get away from your hideout and come join us here. These guys have got some firepower. Abel, Eve’s sister got one of his friends called Damina to arrange these guys to protect us. Have you told Stella and Clara what happened?” “No, I had to call you first.” “Did you get the club owner?” “Yes, I have him here. You are right. He has told us Jimmy is alive. They know more than we think they do and they are hiding so much information.” “Chucks you have to call Stella and Clara before they get ambushed. Once you are done, bring the club owner to the city clock tower, a team of armed men will be waiting there to bring you to where I am. Tell Clara and Stella to go to the city clock tower too.” “Okay, Stanley.”
6:20 am, Emilia’s New House
Emilia was lying down on a bed while an acupuncturist and a physiotherapist discussed her condition. The two guys have been working with her for some time to see if she could walk again. Though the chance of her walking again was very slim, Emilia was willing to give it a trial. “If there is nothing more you guys can do for me, be bold and tell me. It can’t get worse than it already is,” Emilia said, looking expressionless. “We think you should try some Indian spiritualists. There is a chance they can help you. If our methods were going to work, by now you should have begun to feel your legs again,” the physiotherapist said. “How can I get in touch with these Indian spiritualists?” she asked. “I will get them for you,” the acupuncturist replied. “How soon can you get them for me?” “About a week or two,” replied the acupuncturist. “That is too far for me, can you get them down here in five days?” “I will try.” “Thank you.” While the men packed their stuff to leave, Emilia began to fondle her enhanced b—–s. She had been doing that a lot since she lost sensitivity from her waist down. The two men were not shocked, they had seen Emilia do that a lot of times since they began to treat her.
9:22 am, A Warehouse
A fork lift brought down a large bamboo box from where it was packed. The bamboo box had arrived two days earlier at Keyon Sea Port and was quickly moved to the warehouse. Three men armed with tools began to work on the box; after a few minutes, they opened it. Out of the box, an angry Elizabeth Sekwa emerged. “Where is your boss?!” she yelled. The man she was looking for ran into the warehouse and tried to make an explanation. She would have none of it. In anger she served the man two hot slaps and yelled again, “Our deal was that you would bring me out of the box the moment it got into the country. I have been inside this thing for two days!” “I am sorry madam. Your father’s men are everywhere asking questions about you. He wants to be sure you are not anywhere in the country.” “Is my father going to attend Seriaki’s birthday party?” “Yes madam.” “Did you get me an invitation to attend the party?” “Everything you need to attend the party has been made ready. I am very sorry we could not get you out of the box in time.” “There is a change in plan, I want my sisters kidnapped, and I want your men to make a failed attempt at bombing my father’s house. Make it look like Julia Idris is behind it. I don’t want him to have time for me or see me coming.” “Okay, madam. Go to your hotel room and turn on the television. We will keep your father busy as you have asked.” “Thank you Bruce. Please while you are working on the plans, find me a man to warm me up. I need one badly.”

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