DEEP SECRETS Episode 36 & 37

Episode 36 & 37
6:13 pm, Chucks’ Hideout
In a room Steve and Baribote were tied to chairs and backing each other. “I want to talk to my wife!!! Chucks! Stella! Clara! Who is there?! I want to talk to my wife!!!” Steve yelled. For days he had been asking to be given access to Lizzy, his wife. On account of the dreams he had been having, he could tell death was coming for him. He desperately wanted to apologize to Lizzy. Chucks had promised him he would use his connections to find Lizzy, but had not brought him any news about his wife’s whereabouts since then. “Shut up fool! You are not going to see your wife again! Eve and Stanley won’t do that for you. Never! Not after what we did to them! Please keep quiet!” Baribote pleased, his voice laced with anger. “Chief Baribote, can you interpret dreams? Lately I have nightmares a lot. I think I haven’t got much time to live. I want to see my wife. I want to say goodbye to my children,” Steve said amid tears. “Steve be strong. You are not going to see your wife or children. I feel death too. I think it is close,” Baribote said, this time sounding remorseful.
“But I am not ready chief. I am not ready to die.” “No, you are. In fact, I think we are one of the luckiest few in this life who were alerted to the presence of death before it struck. Many have died without seeing death coming. I may smack of everything evil at this point in my life; but I grew up in the church. I was a Sunday school boy…” “So do you know how to pray, Chief?” Steve interjected, still shedding tears. There was a long awkward silence before Baribote replied, “I can recite Psalm 91.” “Can that give me salvation? I was born straight into the occult. I set Eve and Stanley up. I have seen many young girls die while having sex with them…” “Stop Steve!! Don’t remind me of how filthy I am! I have spent days asking God to forgive me. When you speak of those things, I feel like God has not heard me…” “You asked God to forgive you! Can I ask him too?” Steve asked with tension in his voice. “Steve, I don’t know much bible, but I think you can ask him to forgive you.”
Steve lowered his head and began to confess his heinous sinful acts rapidly. He was sweating profusely as he confessed his sins; and intermittently his body would jerk. Baribote lowered his head and began to recite Psalm 91… “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday…” In the living room, Chucks, his detective and his team, Stella and Clara were in a meeting. They had heard Steve yelling but ignored him. For reasons they could not explain, Steve had become fixated about his wife and children for days. “I am going to bring in the club owner for questioning, he knows a lot he is not telling. I want Clara and Stella to go convince Billy Sekwa to unleash his army against Idara Maxwell. Mr. Detective, you will be going with me. Your boys can keep watch over things here while we are gone,” Chucks said.
Done with their meeting, Chucks went inside to check on Steve and Baribote, they were still praying. He had no time to wait for them to finish and so he interrupted them, “Steve,” Chucks called out. Steve raised his head like a serpent about to strike a prey. “Have you heard from Lizzy? Are my children okay?” “Calm down Steve, I haven’t got much information for you. However, my sources said that Lizzy was last seen in Port Harcourt. She had moved in with her brother…” “So she is fine? My children are fine, right?” “I don’t know that Steve. It’s been months your wife and children were seen last.” Steve hung his head low again. “Don’t despair, Steve. Give me a little more time and I will find Lizzy for you. I promise I will.” “Please Chucks, release me to go look for them. I haven’t got much time. I think I will die soon. Death is coming for me. I see it every night. Please Chucks,” Steve pleaded with teary eyes. Chucks shook his head vehemently and said, “You know I can’t do that. Stanley and Eve will kill me.”
“Please Chucks. Help me. I need to see Lizzy,” Steve pleaded further. Chucks shut his eyes and left the room. A short moment later, Chucks and his detective left to go bring in the club owner, while Stella and Clara went for their first field work in months. They must convince Billy Sekwa to go after Idara Maxwell. They would use the videos she had in her possession as their bargaining chip to turn Billy against her. Clara on her part had a few other extreme ideas to make things difficult for Idara Maxwell. She had for some time been mulling over the idea of getting in touch with Julia Idris. Clara was sure Julia would be a good match for Idara. She would go that far if Billy thought he should not go after Idara Maxwell.
About twenty minutes after Chucks and the others had left, one of the guards in the hideout went into the restroom and placed a call to someone outside, “This is a good time to make your move, the house is free for you to attack now.” “How many people are there with you?” the voice on the other end of the phone asked. “Just six. I will be upstairs, make sure you or your boys don’t come up.” “Okay,” said the voice and the phone line went dead. It was possible about fifteen minutes after the phone conversation; Steve was still praying but suddenly raised his head and asked Baribote, “Did you hear that?” “Hear what?” “The sound of flying horses.” “Flying what?! What did you smoke, Steve?!” “I am certain God has heard me.” “And the sound of flying horses makes you think so, right?” Bariboted asked derisively. “The horses are coming to take us home!” Steve had hardly finished his comment when the door flew open and two armed, masked men, sauntered into the room. Through their legs Steve and Baribote could see the bodies of the guards they had killed on the floor. They had heard no gunshots, indicating the masked men had silencer devices attached to their gun barrels. The two masked men raised their guns toward Steve and Baribote, simultaneously, they shouted, “Jesus!” before their heads shattered like watermelon as bullets whizzed through them.
6:20 pm, The Club House
Chucks and the detective raced up the staircase to the club owner’s office. They knocked and waited a second to be invited in. There was no response to their knock. They pushed the door open and went in. The office was empty. The receptionist had told them the club owner was in his office. While they wondered what could have become of the him, Chuck spotted a movement in the small room to his left. He snapped his finger at the detective and they moved closer to the room standing on both sides of the door. As soon as Chucks put his hand on the door knob, deafening gunshots rang out from the room leaving wide holes on the door. Chucks and the detective yelled and jumped backward. A few shots followed and there was silence. Chucks and his detective were on the floor in utter shock. Fortunately, their guns were in their hands. The bullets had missed them miraculously. Clearly someone inside their team had alerted the club owner that they were coming. Chucks had to think quick. He kicked a chair near him and moved away, almost immediately another round of shots followed and Chucks yelled terribly.
Then the door flew open and the club owner came out expecting to see a dead man on the floor. He was shocked to see none. Chucks had played him. Before he could step back into the small room, the detective buried a knife into his thigh from where he crouched. The club owner yelled and threw his gun into the air. Chucks scurried to his feet from where he hid and put his leg on his neck and yelled at him, “Is Jimmy Maxwell alive!!” “I don’t know who that is!” the club owner shouted in pain. Chucks had no time for that game, he signaled to the detective and he plunged the knife again into his thigh. “Is Jimmy Maxwell still alive?!” “Yes!! Yes!! He is alive!” “Where is he now?” “I don’t know!” “Why was he using Eve to hide the videos?” “For Eve’s sake, there are some things I cannot tell you.” Chucks pointed his gun toward the club owner’s forehead and asked again, “Why was jimmy using Eve to hide the videos?” The club owner shut his eyes, refusing to talk. He was expecting Chucks to finish him off, and Chucks was going to when his phone rang. It was an unknown caller. “Who is this?” Chucks asked. “Get away from the club now! There is a truck load of armed men coming into the club as I speak! I think they are looking for the same thing you want!” Chucks looked at the detective in dismay.
To be continued….

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