Episode 19
7:15 am, The Maxwell
Maxwell stepped out of his
limousine and ambled toward
the grand lobby of Maxwell
Corporation building. Three
streets away, on the twelfth
floor of a hotel building, a
sniper perched on the window
of his room. He focused his
thermal rifle scope and aimed at
Maxwell with his finger on the
trigger. Before Maxwell could
step into the lobby, the sniper
squeezed the trigger; lumps of
flesh and arterial blood
exploded into the air from the
back of Maxwell’s head and he
slumped to the ground in a
heap. The sniper slowly pulled
his weapon into his room and
closed the curtain. In front of
the Maxwell Corporation
building, there was chaos.
Security men fired shots in
every direction not knowing
where the bullet came from. On
the floor, Maxwell was in the
throes of death, choking in his
pool of blood.
7:18 am, Bimpe’s House
Mr. Femi, Bimpe’s husband, was
still in bed with Linda, his
secretary. He had spent the
night with her and had slept
very little. When his phone rang,
he sighed and was minded to
ignore it. But when his two
other lines began to ring
simultaneously, he dragged
himself out of bed and picked
the call on his major phone line.
The call was from a Desert
Scorpion hit man. “Mr. Femi,
Maxwell is down. Once we pick
up Mayo and your wife, we will
let you know.” Mr. Femi stood
up and went into the bathroom.
In there he lowered his voice
and said, “If picking up Bimpe
and Mayo alive would prove
difficult, waste them and bring
me Mayo’s testicles. I still want
them.” “You will get them sir,”
the scorpion guy said before
the phone line went dead. Back
in his room, Mr. Femi climbed
into his bed and began to kiss
Linda from her belly up to her
b—–s. “You promised me a lap
dance, can I get it now?” he
asked. Linda nodded shyly and
rolled out of bed.
Twenty minutes later she was
busy giving Mr. Femi a lap
dance. The two of them were
stopped cold when Mayo and a
masked man broke into the
bedroom. Mayo had a
Springfield XD automatic Pistol
and handled it menacingly. Mr.
Femi was expecting Mayo to
shoot him and Linda, but what
he said stunned him. “Get
dressed with your mistress sir.
Someone has ordered a hit on
you. Bimpe wants me to take
you to safety.” Linda did not
waste a moment; before Mayo
could finish his words she was
already on her feet, struggling
into her undergarments. Mr.
Femi was in shock and found it
hard to believe. Mayo studied
him for a moment and asked,
“You don’t believe it that Bimpe
sent me to protect you, do you?
Look sir, Bimpe did all the stuffs
you saw in the videos and
worse. But what she cannot do
is watch you die. You have done
her no wrong.”
Mr. Femi pointed his finger at
Mayo and asked, “Are you not
Mayowa Folarin?” and moved
closer to him as if he would
start a fight. “Yes, I am. I think I
know why you are asking who I
am sir,” Mayo replied. “Do you?”
“Yes, and this is not the right
time and place to discuss it. Get
dressed sir, the guys after you
will kill everyone in here when
they arrive.” Reluctantly Mr. Femi
began to dress up. Some fifteen
minutes later, he and Linda
were smuggled out of his
house to some unknown
location. While Mr. Femi and
Linda were left in a lush room.
Mayo placed a call to Bimpe to
inform her that her husband
had been moved to safety. “Bim,
Femi has been moved out of the
house. In the next two hours
the news of his death will hit
the media. I planned it in such a
way everyone will believe he is
dead. He has found himself a
pretty babe to warm himself
up.” “Thanks a lot Mayo. When I
am done speaking with you, I
would like to speak with my
husband.” “I think that will help
to settle him a lot. He thinks I
came to kill him. He recognized
my face from the videos.”
“What?! Why didn’t you wear a
mask?” “I wanted him to know
the face saving his a-s. I doubt
he will come after me after this
gesture. It is a mind game. I am
good at it Bimpe, relax.”
“Maxwell is dead. Are you aware
of that? I think my husband
made the call.” “I think so too.
But it is no skin off my nose. I
think I would do worse if I was
in his shoes.”
Bimpe sighed deeply and shot
her eyes. She searched her mind
about what to do and then
asked, “Mayo, what if he already
has sent assassins after us?” “I
think he has. There is no doubt
about it. I have three out of his
four children. If he doesn’t
come after me, I would be
surprised.” “Should we kill him
then?” “No. He has done no
wrong. I want to walk the high
road with him. We hurt him
first, and he is doing what a
man in his position would do.”
“I am scared, Mayo.” “You
shouldn’t be. Stay under until I
sort all this out. Emilia pulled
some strings which brought us
to where we are right now. I
will fix it all soon. Stay under
and do nothing.” “I will try.”
After that Mayo went back into
the room where Mr. Femi and
Linda were and gave him the
phone to speak with his wife.
10:45 pm, Orange Resort
Martin Sekibo began to shake
when Chucks and his men
opened their torture tool box.
Chucks pulled a seat and sat in
front of him. Removing his
phone from his pocket, he
played a clip of the scandalous
sex video for Sekibo and asked,
“Who made this video and the
others? I want you to tell me all
you know about the videos.”
Sekibo tried to say something
but it came out muffled because
his mouth was covered. Seeing
he wanted to talk, Chucks
outlined for him the rules he
must observe for things to end
well between them. “I am going
to remove the gag from your
mouth, but if you shout, I will
shoot you on the head and then
go to your house to slaughter
your wife and children.” The
mention of his wife and
children really got to him. He
nodded, signaling he would
stick to the rules. Chucks stood
up and removed the gad from
his mouth. “Now start talking,”
Chucks said. He had a tape
recorder on.
Meanwhile in the restaurant,
Eve, Stanley and their squad
were still waiting for Chucks
and his men to come out. The
man to whom Emilia’s house
address was sent to had sent
them his findings. According to
him, the house into which Leroy
entered belonged to a certain
Amina Houghton. The guy also
believed that the house was
being occupied by its owner,
who may have other aliases. Eve
and Stanley could not wait to
get to know who she was. All
they could deduce so far was
that the Amina Houghton,
Chucks and Leroy were all
working together. To get a
hang of what was really going
on, Stanley decided that on, Stanley decided that they
should pick Chucks up and
question him. The way they
planned it, they would use
Chucks to lure out the man who
shot them in the night of their
wedding. They still did not
know his name, but they were
confident a few pieces of the
puzzle would begin to fit into
their places by the time they
speak with Chucks and the
10:50 pm, Bay Apartments
For days Chucks stalled about
telling Lizzy the truth about the
sort of life he lived with his
friends and why some people
were after them. Lizzy was
determined to get the truth
from him, but somehow Steve
kept evading her questions,
using the precarious situation
around them as his excuse. To
get he answers she wanted,
Lizzy decided to pull a stunt on
Steve. Steve had sneaked out of
the hotel where they hid to go
buy some things they needed.
By the time he came back he
met Lizzy on the phone with a
senior police officer, Lizzy was
hysterical, narrating their ordeal
to the officer. Steve did not like
the idea. He and his friends had
so much dirt on them that they
all decided not to get the police
involved. For Lizzy to have called
the police and told them all she
knew meant trouble. Steve
grabbed the phone from her,
dropped the call and checked
how long she had been talking.
He was shocked to see she had
been on the phone for twenty
minutes. Chucks was beside
himself with anger and fear.
“You should never have done
this Lizzy! You shouldn’t!!”
“Since you won’t tell me why
some people want us dead, and
the reason they are flying nude
pictures of you and I about. I
have decided to get the police
involved. I am as taxpayer. It is
my right to involve law
enforcement agents when I feel
my life is in danger!”
Steve could see how
determined she was and so
began to plead with her, “Babe,
you can’t talk to the police. I will
tell you all you want to know.
Just promise me you won’t run
away. Trying to leave me now
might put you in grave danger.”
“No, you are wrong. Knowing
you was what put me in trouble
in the first place. Steve, if you
want me to remain in your life,
you have to tell me the truth.”
Steve took her hand and led her
to a seat and began to narrate
to her some of the things he
thought he could tell her
without doing much damage to
his ego or letting her know
how spoilt and evil he really
was. “I got into bad habits back
when I lived in Italy. You know
the sex business in Italy, I really
got into it. My unfaithfulness to
you has nothing to do with my
not loving you. I am madly in
love with you! My problem is
that I have now become a slave
of my own sexual desires. I and
my friends are the same. We
come together to have sex in
the most twisted ways you can
imagine. I am very sorry…” Steve
began to cry deliberately to get
Lizzy’s pity. “I am hooked to
sexual drugs. The ones I gave
you, I hardly can do without
them,” he continued.
Lizzy had not seen him cry,
somehow, watching him cry
made her feel better. She did
not pity him, but oddly enough
wanted him to cry much more.
“People do not want us dead
because you sleep with your
friends and regularly use sex
drugs. There is more to what is
happening and you haven’t told
me much. I think someone
wants to destroy our marriage
because of what you did to his
marriage. Why would anyone
strip me nude at gunpoint, take
photos of me with naked men,
and also send to me pictures of
you and your friend in sexual
acts? It is clear whoever is after
us wants our marriage
destroyed. He or she is out for
revenge. I knew somehow that
you were cheating on me but
not at this scale.” Steve tried to
give her a plausible answer but
no words came through. His
mind was blank; he tried
desperately to explain all that
was happening but could not.
Finally, he had to tell her
something close to the truth,
“There are ladies I have had sex
with whose husbands are with whose husbands are after
me. They want to pay me back
for what I did.”
“I suppose it won’t be difficult
for you if I call them to settle all
this by giving them an offer to
spend a night with me in a
hotel of their choice. I want us
to stop running and go back to
our children,” Lizzy said,
deliberately pulling his legs.
Steve’s heart began to beat fast;
he could not imagine other men
doing to his wife what he did to
other women. Steve could not
bring himself to tell his wife that
he had children with some
women outside their marriage.
He would not mention to his
wife that many university girls
he gave pendulum had died in
his hands while having sex with
them. He knew he would never
tell her about the videos making
rounds amongst certain people
or about his roles in their
making. Steve kept mum about
his life as a professional killer,
both in Italy and in Lagos. “Has
your filthy lifestyle anything to
do with Eve and Stanley being
shot in the night of their
wedding,” Lizzy asked
expecting her husband to lie to
her as usual. Steve swallowed
hard and began to sweat. He
had not mentioned the
shooting to Lizzy, she must have
picked it up from the media.
“You know; I have been
wondering why you never
mentioned for once to me the
shooting of your friends. Isn’t it
striking that all these began
after the shooting? Was Stanley
a gigolo like you too?” While
Steve wondered how to answer
Lizzy’s questions, a maid in the
hotel was coming to their room
to deliver to Lizzy a parcel
containing the scandalous
videos. Yet again those after
them were able to find them
using the chip placed in her
Sony camera.

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