Episode 16




07:00 am, Bay Apartments

“Who was the lady who came to

kill us?” Lizzy asked her

husband, Steve. “I still don’t

know. I would give a million

away to get a grasp of what is

happening.” “I don’t believe

you, baby. You just don’t have

the courage to tell me. First a

nude picture of me was sent to

you, after that I was kidnapped

and made to pose nude with

some men. I believe it’s time to

tell me the truth. Who loaded my

camera with the nude pictures

of you and your female friends?

Who wants us dead? Please I

need answers,” Lizzy

demanded. Steve felt boxed in.

He knew he was not going to lie

his way out of this one. Lizzy

had been a great wife to him,

however his bent for sex

outside of marriage and with

multiple partners had driven

him into the abyss of

lasciviousness. “I cannot say

that I have been a good

husband to you, baby,” Steve

said. His voice was shaky; and it

wasn’t for the fear of his wife,

but for the fear of what might

happen to his family. He could

see it coming. He could see

himself losing his wife and kids

to his shockingly adulterous life

and the consequences of it.

“So you have been sleeping

around with every woman

willing to part her legs for you?”

Lizzy asked with tears running

down her cheek. “I have done

worse, baby. I wish I could go

back in time and take it all back;

make things different and love

you like I should. I have done

things you can’t believe.” “You

know I don’t deserve this Steve.

I have loved you and the

children with all my heart. I have

done everything you asked me

to do. I have done things in bed

with you that I can’t tell fellow

women. I have taken your sex

drugs to please you and almost

died doing it. Have I not kept my

body fit and sexy for you? I

have lied at work and drove

home like mad just to make love

to you. I strip nude for you and

dance naked in our bedroom

like a w—e for you and still

you run around with other

women. What have I done

wrong? Have I denied you sex

at any time? Have I treated you

with disrespect? Even now you

are still my prince in shining

armour.” Lizzy was shaking and

crying profusely as she spoke.

Steve had always calmed her

with sex whenever she was

worked up. He began to

undress her. Lizzy didn’t blink;

she sat looking right through

him as he undressed her. When

Steve was done peeling her

clothes off, Lizzy stood up and

walked into the next room and

locked the door behind her. For

once in their eight-year-old

marriage, she did not walk

away from him whenever he

undressed her. Steve was

disturbed. He tried to reach out

to Lizzy and make up with her,

but she would not open the

door to him. He used all

methods he could but she still

would not budge. About the

time Steve had given up and sat

on the floor with his head

bowed in sorrowful thoughts,

Lizzy opened the door, walked

back into the living room still

nude and sat next to him like

she was never angry with him.

Steve put his arms around her

and began to plead. Still feeling

numb and cold with rage, Lizzy

said, “I don’t want you to plead

for forgiveness, it just won’t

work with me. Please don’t

waste your time doing it. This is

what I want…”

“What do you want? Tell me

please,” Steve cut in. “I want the

truth. The whole truth. I want to

know what is going on. Steve I

have always loved you and you

know it. I can’t live through a

day wondering what you might

be doing when I am not with

you. I want you to tell me all you

have been doing. If you don’t

tell me, this is what I am going

to do. I will sleep every man you

have known in your live and I

will make sure you get photos

of all of them just like yours

were sent to me. I will make

babies with men you despise! I

will strangulate your children

and send you photos of their

lifeless bodies! You have hurt

and broken me beyond words.

Nude photos of me with

strange men are floating

around somewhere now and it

is all because of you.” Steve held

her and tried to calm her, but

she kicked at him and

unleashed a slap to his face.

None of them had raised a

finger on each other in their

eight-year-marriage. Steve

rubbed his face, trying to

extinguish the stinging pain the

slap had left on it.


6:33 am, Oak City Hotel

The guard whom the assassin

had sent to find a way for her

to get into Steve’s hotel room

was standing at the assassin’s

door knocking. She opened the

door, and pulled the guard in,

she was still without her clothes

on. “You came back rather too

soon, have you found a way I

can get to see my man in that

room?” she asked. “I don’t have

to. The man has left with the

woman who was with him,” the

guard replied. The assassin was

shocked. “How? When?” she

asked. “While I was still here

with you, they left with the

some of my colleagues giving

them cover.” The lady dashed

toward her purse, picked her

phone and placed a call to

someone outside the hotel,

“Steve is gone! He is no longer

in the hotel! Did you see him

leave the hotel?” “No, we did

not! He may still be somewhere

in the hotel!” “He is gone man,

someone in the hotel told me he

is gone.” “Who told you that?

We did not see him leave, he

must still be in there!” “Did you

see some of the guards leave

the hotel?” “Yes, we did and

they have long returned to the


“Sorry man, when you saw the

guards leave, they were actually

smuggling Steve and his wife

out of the hotel. Find him and

get back to me.” “Gosh! How

did I miss that? Are you coming

with us?” the male voice on the

phone asked. “No, I won’t be

joining you in the chase just yet.

I have got some work to do

right away in my room. Bye.”

She dropped the call and went

over to the sound system in the

room and turned up the volume

and began to dance obscenely

before the guard. The guard

understood her cue and

undressed hurriedly. She

danced back to where he stood

and inquired, “I hope you can

make me cry. I like it when my

man makes me cry.” Without

warning, the guard slapped her

across the face and the force

sent her two steps backward.

Holding her cheek in shock for a

moment, she lunged towarmoment, she lunged toward the

guard and drew blood from his

face with quick thrown

punches. She was a well-trained

fighter, with stunning build.

Without clothes on, the two of

them engaged in a mock fight

for a few minutes before she

overpowered the guard and

they descended into twisted

sexual acts.


11:20 am, Bimpe’s Husband’s


Bimpe’s husband was sitting at

the dining table with three well-

dressed men in designer suits

sitting opposite him. Bimpe’s

husband pushed Bimpe’s

picture to them and said, “That

is my wife. I want her cut down

immediately. We were supposed

to have four children together,

but for some reason, none of

them is mine.” He pushed

another picture to the three

men and continued, “This is

Maxwell, he is the father of my

favourite child. I want him dead

in three days… Here is the

picture of the man who is

responsible for my other three

children. His name is Mayowa

Folarin, and is fondly called

Mayo. I want you to kill him and

bring me his testicles….” He

paused for a few seconds and

continued, “You know what, try

to bring me Mayo and my wife

alive. I would like them to

amuse with live sex before I kill

them. Can you do that for me? It

should be a piece of cake for

you guys. You are not Desert

Scorpion for nothing.” The

three men exchanged looks and

smiled. Bimpe’ s husband

pushed a fourth picture to the

men and explained, “Find these

four children and bring them to

me, they are supposed to be my

children. I haven’t decided what

to do with them yet.”

When the three men left,

Bimpe’s husband went over to

his bar, sat on a stool and tried

to break down a bottle of

cognac. After a few gulps he

whispered to himself, “This

socks.” He stood up from the

stool and went over to the

dining table, picking his phone

he dialed his secretary, “Hello

Linda, what are you doing right

now?” “I am working on the

Kensington deal sir,” the

secretary replied. “I want you to

pass it to someone else, tell that

person I said so. You have five

minutes to do that. Once you

are done, please get down to

my house. I suppose twenty

minutes should be enough for

that.” “Okay sir, I will try my best

to get your house in twenty

minutes. However, sir, I do not

know where your house is.”

“Tell Samson to drive you down

here. If he is not in the office,

find him and have him bring

you here.” As soon as Bimpe’s

husband dropped the call, he

spoke with his gateman

through the intercom and

informed him he was expecting

a guest. About thirty minutes

later, Linda, his secretary,

walked into his grandly

furnished living room. “Good

morning sir. Ii am sorry I took a

little longer to get here, Samson

delayed me,” she bowed and

explained her delayed arrival.

Turning as if he just took notice

of her, Bimpe’s husband waved

at her to sit down. She sat

wondering what she had done

wrong. Her eyes were darting in

every direction. There was

something near a bottle of

cognac at the bar. It was like a

gun. Linda felt her heart sink

into her stomach. She was not

sure for which of her many sins

she had been invited to her

boss’ house. She was too afraid

and so thought very fast;

removing her phone from her

bag, she clutched her abdomen

and winced in pain, feigning

she had suddenly become sick.

She wanted to go use the

bathroom and call for help.

“Excuse me sir…” “Linda do you

know why I invited you here?”

Bimpe’s husband cut in. Still

clutching her abdomen, Linda

shook her head and said, “No

sir.” What followed next was a

blast for her. “I want you to

seduce me,” were Bimpe’s

husband’s next words. In shock

Linda released her hand from

her abdomen and dropped her

phone to the sofa she was

sitting on. Her mouth hung

wide open and her eyes

seemed to pop out of their

sockets. “I am sorry sir, I did

not…” “Linda, I am not a child.

You have always tried to seduce

me when we worked late

together at my office. Right

now, I am offering you a chance

to do it without fear.”

Linda was at her wits end. She

had no clue about what to say

next or about what was

happening. The sight of a gun

sitting at the bar did much to

make her nervy. For about three

minutes she did not say a word.

All she did was breathe heavily

like an asthmatic patient. “Linda,

I am still waiting for you. When

should I take off my clothes?”

Bimpe’s husband asked. “I am

very sorry sir that in the past I

tried to seduce you. Please

forgive me. From today, I will do

my best to be of good

behavior…” She knelt in a prayer

posture, clasped her hands and

continued, “…I swear by God sir,

I will never let you see any of my

body parts.” “I am sorry Linda; I

want to see your body parts

today. I will pay for it if that is

fine by you.” Linda could see

her boss was serious and so

she stood to her feet and began

to remove her clothes. While she

did that, Bimpe’s husband

walked closer to her and said,

“You are a pretty girl. The only

reason I did not take any of

your seductive baits was simply

that I swore never to touch

another woman after my

marriage.” “So why do you

want to do it now and in your

house? You should take me

somewhere else at least for

your wife’s sake,” Linda

suggested. “My wife is dead.”

Linda was frozen when she

heard that and drew closer to

her boss with only her under

garments on and put her hands

around him before asking,

“When did Madam Bimpe die

sir?” She was genuinely

concerned. Bimpe’s husband

put his hands around her and

replied, “She is dead in my


6:20 pm, Bode Thomas Street

Leroy was on the sidewalk

pacing hastily, suddepacing hastily, suddenly a

Chevrolet SUV stopped for him,

the door swung open and he

jumped in. Some way behind,

were Eve and Stanley in an ash

Peugeot 306. They were actually

following Chucks who was in

Chevrolet SUV when they

spotted Leroy. Eve was trying

very hard to control herself. She

could not believe it that Stanley’s

best man on their wedding day

could have anything to do with

the man who shot them on the

night of their wedding. Both

Stanley and the guards’

helmsman who was at the back

seat of the Peugeot 306 had to

restrain her from jumping out

of the car and chasing after the

Chevrolet SUV with the gun in

her hand. “You have to stop

Baby! Stop please!” Stanley

shouted at Eve barely

restraining her. Eve tried to talk

but her mouth gave no sound

as hot tears ran down her

cheek. In the Chevrolet SUV, a

frantic conversation was going

on between Leroy and Chucks.

“Who ordered the hit?” Chucks

asked. “I don’t know who, but I

got my orders from Emilia.

However, there are those above

her whom she takes orders

from. I think they were the ones

who wanted your friends shot

on their wedding day. They may

be the ones who paid for the

videos to be made,” Leroy


Story continues…

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