Episode 14
01: 12 pm, A Mansion outside
the City
“Come with me baby,” Eve said
as she took Stanley’s hand and
led him to one corner of the
room. As soon as they were
away from the guards’ earshot,
Eve whispered, “He is the
Durban guy, half-brother to
Maxwell.” Stanley almost
dropped dead in shock. Pulling
Eve to himself, he asked, “Do
you think Maxwell knows he is
his half-brother?” “If they knew,
his face wouldn’t have been on
the laptop. His presence alone in
Nigeria is enough to destroy the
Maxwell empire.” “Do you think
he was in the nude parties by
coincidence?” “I doubt it, he
must have come looking for
either you, Maxwell or Annabel.”
Stanley took Eve’s hand and
squeezed them hard and said,
“We must not tell them a thing
about this guy. If Maxwell finds
out what we know, we are
dead meat.” “Don’t worry baby,
I will fool them with half-truth,”
Eve assured him. As they talked,
the guards strained their ears
to hear their words but could
not. They made sure that their
conversation about the face on
the laptop screen was
conducted in whispers.
Stanley’s eyes were almost
popping out of their sockets.
The guards could tell that
whatever Eve was telling him
about the face on the screen
was scaring the s–t out of him.
Stanley dashed across the Stanley dashed across the room
and looked at the screen once
more and then said to the
helmsman of the guards, “I
need you to do me a favour,
please can you teach my wife
how to handle a gun?” To their
shock the helmsman pulled his
gun and pointed it on Stanley’s
forehead and yelled, “Who is
that face on the laptop? I swear
by God, if you don’t tell me I am
going to blow your brains out
now!” Eve began to cry and
pleaded, “Please don’t hurt my
husband. I will tell you what you
want to know.” “Start talking!”
the helmsman demanded. “Eve,
don’t tell him a thing!” Stanley
yelled at his wife. The helmsman
cocked his gun hurriedly and
placed it back on Stanley’s
forehead. “This is not how we
are going to work together, is
it? What we know about that
guy is not coming out until we
get in touch with some people
in South Africa. If you like shoot
me, we are not telling you s–t!”
Stanley shouted, refusing to
Stanley was clearly losing his
cool, the helmsman had not
seen him that angry before,
even though he had a gun to
his forehead, Stanley did not
flinch. “This is certainly not how
we will work together, but I
don’t like the idea of you
keeping secrets from me or my
boss. That face on the screen,
was in the nude parties in
Mayo’s house. He was there the
night Maxwell and Annabel
were drugged and taken to a
room to have sex with each
other. So, if there is something I
need to know about him, spill it
out now,” the helmsman
explained, lacing his words with
threat. “If what we know about
that guy is made known here,
how sure are you it won’t get
out of this room and
compromise our mission. You
want me to find the videos and
those who made them, let me
do it my way,” Stanley pleadedo it my way,” Stanley pleaded.
The Helmsman lowered his gun
and said, “Okay, if that is how
you want to work. But don’t
keep me in the dark for too
long.” “So are you going to
teach my wife how to handle a
gun?” “If you wanted me to do
that because of that guy, don’t
bother, he is dead. He was
found in a bathroom at a
nightclub two nights ago with
seven bullet holes in his head,”
the helmsman said and began
to rummage in the knapsack on
his back.
Eve was visibly relieved to hear
the guy was dead. She hugged
Stanley firmly as tears ran down
her cheek. Stanley pecked her
on the forehead and put his
arms around her. “This is the
picture of that guy in his pool of
blood at the nightclub,” the
helmsman said as he handed a
picture to Stanley. Eve and
Stanley studied the Stanley studied the picture
briefly. “Why is this picture not
amongst the ones on the
laptop? So you were hiding
something from us too?”
Stanley asked. “I have good
reasons to. That guy was found
dead two days after he called
Mr. Maxwell to sell some
information to him about the
videos. When you said you
knew something about him, I
had to try to extract it from
you.” Eve and Stanley looked at
each other in disbelief. “Baby,
this can’t be a coincidence;
maybe we should tell him a
little,” Eve suggested. Stanley
nodded. Much to the dismay of
the guards, Eve unzipped her
jeans trouser and pulled it
down to her knees. The guards
looked from Eve to Stanley and
back to Eve, wondering what
they were doing. Turning the
right side of her right leg, she
pointed to a scar on her thigh
and said, “That loser did this to
me, just after two hours of my
arrival in Durban South Africa
four years ago.”
“Oh! A regular rape incidence;
was it not?” the helmsman
asked. “It wasn’t a rape
incidence; it was made to look
like one. Before I met him he
already knew my name, had my
picture and knew the flight I
flew into South Africa, my hotel
reservation details, how long I
was going to be in South Africa
and deliberately checked into
the same hotel with me so he
could get to me easily,” Eve
explained still looking jaded. She
pulled up her jeans trouser and
wiped away tears from the
corners of her eyes. Stanley
kissed her again and held her
like it was his last moment with
her. The helmsman pulled a seat
closer to himself, sunk into it
and asked with obvious
bewilderment, “So who is this
guy? And did you say this
happened four years ago?”
“Yes, I was in South Africa to
close a telecommunication deal
for my company. Someone in
did not want me to close that
deal. If you find out who sent
him to kill me four years ago,
you will find out who set
Maxwell and his daughter up,”
Eve explained further. The
helmsman stood to his feet and
went outside. He placed a call to
Maxwell and after a few
moments he came back into the
room and announced, “Eve, I
think it’s about time you learnt
how to handle a gun.”
03: 20 pm, Emilia’s House
Emilia was in front of a mirror
in her bedroom, applying a
makeup. As was her habit, she
had no clothes on. While she
worked on her face, she heard
a knock on the door, without
bothering to cover herself, she
hollered, “The door is open,
come in!” The door slowly
opened and Mayo stepped into
the bedroom. “Why would you
have me meet with you in your
bedroom without your clothes
on? I am going back to the
living room; put something on
and meet me there,” Mayo said
and turned to leave the
bedroom. “Wait, holy boy!”
Emilia shouted after him. “If you
want to find out who sent
assassins after you, then sit
down and listen,” she
continued. Mayo had to close
the door and sat down. “Who
wants me dead?” Mayo asked
eager to hear a name from her.
Emilia turned away from the
mirror, went to her wardrobe
and removed an envelope. She
walked over to Mayo and sat on
his lap. Somehow her seductive,
curvy, naked body caught
Mayo’s fancy and he stared at it
for a moment before turning
his attention back to Emilia.
Emilia took note of the direction
of his eyes and asked, “Do you
want to play a little? Since you
drove my little boy away, I
haven’t found a good
replacement.” Mayo ignored her
and asked, “What is in the
envelope?” “Your sins,” Emilia
replied humorously. Mayo
grabbed it from her and
removed the document inside.
When he was done reading
through the document he
asked, “How did you get this?”
“The doctor who conducted the
test likes to spend a lot of time
on top of me and can’t shut his
mouth when he is around me.”
The document contained results
of paternity tests conducted on
Bimpe’s children.
Just then Emilia’s phone rang,
Bimpe was the one calling,
“Hello Bim.” “Emilia, my husband
has gone missing! What do you
know about that?” “You are
wrong; he hasn’t gone missing.
In fact, he is hatching plans to
kill you. He has found out that
three of your children for him
are not actually his. He has seen
all the videos where you were
crying yourself hoarse while
your friends and some macho
men worked your waist,” Emilia
explained sarcastically. Bimpe
could hear her heart pounding
against her chest. Her hands
shook and her feet tottered. She
moved closer to a seat and
dropped into it. “You betrayed
me Emilia!” “No! No! No, Bim!
Don’t blame me for what I didn’t
do! Why would I betray you?
Someone wants your husband
to come after you and so they
sent the videos to him. Speak
with Steve, they have done the
same with him. They loaded his
wife’s camera with pictures of
him, you, Clara and Stella having
sex.” “What! I can’t believe this!
Emilia, please give me a name.
Who is this person?” “One of
the governors in the videos. He
has already sent his boys to
your lover boy, Mayo. He was
lucky to escape. The governor is
using boys from Desert
Scorpion.” “There are four
governors in the videos, which
of them is after me?” “I don’t
know, the man who gave me
the information is dead. He was
killed in a nightclub. Don’t forget
there are four serving
governors, six ministers, seven
celebrities, an ex-president and
his daughter, Maxwell and
Anabel in the videos. Anyone of
them could be hunting down
the people in the videos.”
Mayo took the phone from
Emilia and said, “Bimpe, your
husband knows that you and I
have three children together,
should I take him down?” “Give
me time to think about it. I am
not sure I want him dead.”
“Think quick, he is going to
come after you and I soon.”
Dropping the call, Mayo asked
Emilia, “Now tell me, where are
Eve and Stanley?” “I think
Maxwell is holding them.” “I
want you to help me get to
them.” “What do you want from
them?” “I want the whole truth
about the videos.” “I can’t help
you Mayo.” “But Anabel and her
father are your friends.” “Not
anymore, especially since they
got drugged and slept with
each other in a party I invited
them to.” Mayo was going to
say something when his phone
rang. It was a strange number.
Mayo put a finger on his mouth
and signaled to Emilia to shut
up. “Who is this?” he asked.
“Mayo, don’t mention my name.
I know you are with your f***k
mate Emilia. This is Anabel
Maxwell. Meet me at Eden Crest
Suits in the next thirty minutes.”
“Hi baby, how are my kids?”
Mayo asked pretending to be
speaking with his wife. Anabel
picked the cue and replied,
“They are fine honey. When are
you coming home?” “In a few
hours. Why did you call me with
a strange number?” “You asked
me to.” “Okay, I remember.
Baby, I am in a meeting let me
call you back in the next one
hour, okay,” Mayo said and
dropped the call.“What is your
wife going to do
when he finds out you have
slept with half the women in
this city?” Emilia asked as she
began to undress Mayo. Mayo
stopped her and said, “Since
they are sending the videos to
our wives and husbands, I have
to go make sure my wife never
gets it.” Gently he pushed Emilia
away and made for the door. He
had lied, he was actually going
to meet with Anabel to know
why she wanted to see him. “I
hate it when you come here
and refuse to touch me,” Emilia
spat angrily. “Don’t worry, I will
sleep here tonight.” “Do you
mean it?” Emilia asked, livening
up. Mayo leapt out of the room
and shouted, “I mean it!”
07:00pm, Cream Valley
Clara and Stella were at a table
with a man in his late forties. As
he spoke with them his eyes
darted about the restaurant.
Near the entrance door, two of
his men lounged with
automatic rifles under their
clothes. Clara was determined to
bed him that night and so had
come dressed seductively. “Are
these all you know?” the man
asked. “Yes, that is the much we
know. If anything comes up we
will pass it to you,” Clara replied
with her eyes full of lust. “I hope
you know what this is going to
cost you?” the man asked. “I
don’t,” Stella responded, willing
not to offer her body to him.
“Your friend will tell you,” the
detective said, standing to his
feet. Stella took his hand,
dragged him back to his seat
and said, “I want you to tell me
what it is going to cost me. This
is a big job am offering to you.”
“and one which can kill me
too,” the detective replied with
sarcasm. “Stop playing arounsarcasm. “Stop playing around
and tell me what it will cost me,”
Stella demanded. “It will cost
you five thousand dollars and a
few rounds of sex with .
two,” the detective said, not
mincing words. Clara was
obviously happy to hear that.
Stella shook her head defiantly
and said, “Mr. detective, I will
pay five thousand dollars for
this case because it is worth it.
In fact, I have your money right
here; but as for touching my
body, that will never happen. I
have lost my way in life; right
now I am trying desperately to
find it again. My body is now
under lock and key. When I
leave here I am going straight
to a night vigil. I feel it, death is
nearby. This case is going to kill
us all.”
Story continues…

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