Episode 13
9:23 am, Gordon’s Street
Chucks parked his car, hurried
out of it and with half a run
went across the street, heading
for a gray Ford truck. As soon as
he reached the Ford truck, he
rapped quickly on the back
door glass and the door jerked
open from inside and he
jumped in. Some blocks away, a
yellow, clean Nissan cab, pulled
into the street and packed.
Inside were Clara and Stella.
They had been following Chucks
to know what he was up to. “I
thought he said he was going
to buy something for his
brother. Meeting with whoever
is in that truck is certainly not
shopping for his brother. I told
you he was lying to us,” Clara
said. “I wish I could get closer
to see who he is meeting with. I
can’t believe this is what we
have become lately. So, it is all
man for himself now,” Stella
said with her gaze fixed on the
Ford truck.
“How I wish I could get in touch
with Eve and Stanley at the
moment to hear their own side
of the story. There is too much
lies and deceit amongst us. I
just can’t bear it anymore. What
in God’s world is Chucks up to?”
Clara wondered aloud. “But,
wait a minute. If Eve and Stanley
are alive as we were told, who
is keeping? Where are they?”
Stella asked, knowing she won’t
get any answers from Clara; the
two of them were in the dark
about a lot. “We are not going
to be sitting ducks anymore,
Stella. Chucks is probably
covering his tracks, Mayo is
taking care of himself, Steve and
Bimpe are hiding truck load of
secrets. You and I are the only
ones wondering what is
happening without doing
much. I say we turn this case on
its head with ruthless
investigation. I know a man
who can help us,” Clara said,
staring at her friend for a
response. “I proposed that to
you and Chucks at Arcot
Restaurant, but somehow I
could not quite get it started.
With you by my side, I think we
can achieve so much together.”
“So that is a yes, Stella?” “Of
course, it is. We already know
some things, let us give them to
a man who can use them well
to find out for us who is behind
the present mess.” “How much
is he going to take?”
Clara shook her b—–s and
said, “It will cost only a pair of
these; and now we have two
pairs, yours and mine. The guy
is good and works hard a lot,
especially when you pay him
well with boobs.” “I am not
sure I want to pay anybody
with my boobs, I am trying very
hard right now to find peace
with the Lord Jesus. My ways
have become too dark and
slippery. Frankly, I don’t want to
end up in hell,” Stella said
looking sober. “I want to make
changes too, but at the moment
I can use a steamy sessioI can use a steamy session of
sex. I am burning terribly, I miss
the strong hands of Mayo,
Chucks and Steve.” “You an
unrepentant sinner. Stop
turning me on, Clara.” They had
forgotten the taxi driver was
listening to them. As their
conversation got too vulgar and
sexually explicit, the taxi driver
turned on his car radio and
increased the volume. Clara took
notice of that and placed a
finger on her lips and signaled
to Stella to shut up. “Driver can
you get a bit closer to that Ford.
What is Chucks actually doing What is Chucks actually doing in
there?” Clara asked. “If I move
closer, they are going to notice
they are being watched. We
have been here for too long
without moving,” the taxi driver
In the Ford truck, Chucks was
going through layers of pictures
his investigator had taken. He
was the one who had warned
Chucks with the text message
which read, “Chucks, you have
been marked, get lost.” “If this
lady is Emilia, then I know her.
She is in the videos and is very
close to Mayo; I think they are
bedmates. What is her role in all
these?” “Her role is murky; I
can’t tell if she wants the videos
found or if she is trying to stop
them from being found. You
have to be very careful with her,
she is too dangerous. I am in no
doubt that she must know why
your friends were shot. I have
found out that she is almost in
touch with everyone in those
videos you gave me, except for
you and some of your friends,”
the private detective said. “This
is Maxwell and he is in the video
along with his daughter. What
is he doing about the videos?”
“He desperately wants them
found. He was set up in the
nude parties. My source said he
and his daughter were drugged
with pendulum. You must know
the drug, pendulum. I have
heard you and your friends
make use of it a lot.” “Yes, we
do. However, it was Mayo who
introduced it to all of us.” “The
fact that Mayo introduce it to
your group does not mean he
was the one who drugged
Maxwell and Anabel. Someone
else could have drugged them
that night.”
“I know, but I want you to
cover all grounds.” “I am doing
just that Chucks, but you have to
tell me who else were with
Anabel and Maxwell that night.
“Maxwell and his daughter had
sex with several people that
night. One of them must have
drugged them.” “Give me some
names. I need someone I can
ask questions.” “Most of the
people in the party that night
were new, I had not seen them
before. Besides the regulars and
the big names, I can’t tell who
the others were. Remember we
all had blindfolds which we
were not allowed to remove as
frequently as we wished.” “How
about the ladies you slept with
that night, did you see any of
their faces? We can start from
there.” Chucks shut his eyes
and tasked his mind to recall
the events of that night.
Suddenly his eyes flicked open
and he said, “Wait…wait…wait…
I think I just recalled something.
Maxwell had drinks with the
lady you said is Emilia. Go back
to that picture.” The private
detective searched through his
collection of pictures and
removed Emilia’s picture. “Here
it is.” Chucks looked at Emilia’s
picture for a moment as if
waiting for the picture to speak
to him. Switching to another
subject he asked, “Where did
you say Bimpe is?”
“She and her family have simply
vanished, just like Steve,” replied
the detective. “That night,
Bimpe had sex repeatedly with
Maxwell. In one of the rare
occasions I removed my
blindfold, I saw Bimpe and
Maxwell feeding stuffs into each
other’s mouth. Bimpe could
have drugged him then, that is
if she was part of the plan to
make the videos. I want you to
focus on Bimpe and find her
wherever she is.” “Okay, will
shift focus to finding bimpe. Can
we move on to the other guys?”
“Yes, please,” replied Chucks.
“This is Mr. Baribote. He is the
one who wants you dead.
Somehow he knows you are
looking into the things which
happened in the last night of
the nude parties.” Chucks
frowned, he didn’t like the
sound of that. “Mr. Detective, if
Baribote knows what I am
doing, I hope you know that
means you have a mole
working for you.” “I know, and
I will catch whoever that is.” “I
hope you do it quickly.” “I will,
but after this meeting, you
should leave the city or go into
hiding… Mr. Baribite is not in
the videos. My guess is that he
doesn’t want the videos found.
He may have interest in using it
to destroy his enemies in the
videos. On two occasions, we
have spotted him at Pine Grove
with Emilia. There is something
going on between the two of
6:15 am, Oak City Hotel
Steve knew if he did not find a
way out of Oak City hotel, he
and Lizzy would be dead. As
soon as he was certain the
security men he had asked for
had been posted outside by had been posted outside by his
door, he hurried into his clothes
and packed his light luggage
hastily. When he was done, he
knocked on the bathroom door
and asked Lizzy to come out.
Still terrified, Lizzy opened the
door a little and peeked into the
room. “We have to leave now;
this is our chance. If we don’t
take it now, we are dead.”
Clutching his luggage in one
hand and a gun in the other, he
made his way to the door.
Behind him Lizzy tagged along.
Quietly he opened the door of
his hotel room and peeped into
the hallway. Two-armed security
guards were standing right in
front of his door. He stepped
into the hallway and Lizzy
followed him. Quickly he locked
the door and motioned to one
of the security guards to lead
them out of the hotel. In room
095, the female assassin who
was earlier flaunting her
b—–s, was in bed with the
security guard whom she had
lured to her room. He was her
bait to get to Steve and Lizzy.
The assassin got out of the bed
and stripped down. Showing
off her nude body to the guard,
she asked, “Wouldn’t you like to
have what you see and still
make a few dollars with it? I
mean like 500 dollars. She
twisted herself obscenely and
moved closer to the security
guard. By now the security
guard was swallowing hard.
She sat on his laps and asked,
“Why aren’t you saying
anything?” “What do I need to
do to get my hands on you and
the 500 dollars you
mentioned?” the guard asked.
Pressing her naked body harder
against him, she said, “I want to
get into room 106. Can you
make it happen?” “It’s going to
be hard but I think I can try.”
The lady assassin pushed him
down on the bed and said, “I
like work before play, make it
happen and will give you what
your eyes have seen.” She got
up from him, went across the
room and removed three
hundred dollars in hundred
dollar notes from her purse and
threw them at him. “Go make it
happen. When you come back
with good news, the rest will be
yours,” the lady said.
01: 00 pm, A Mansion outside
the City
The armed guards in the
mansion moved into Eve and
Stanley’s room with a leather
bag and set it on the floor.
When they opened it, Eve
stepped away uncomfortably.
The bag was filled with guns.
Looking at the way Eve reacted
to the guns, one of the guards
asked Stanley, “Are you sure it is
wise to leave this house with
your wife?” Stanley simply
nodded as if that was not
important. He had his plans well
worked out. It would be tough,
but he was sure, his
unconventional approach to
find out who made the videos
and set he and his up would
work. Stanley had not handled
guns much, and knew very little
about them. picking one of the
guns he asked, “Which ones do
you recommend I use?” “You
are going to leave with all of
them. We have rented a well-
protected bungalow for you in
the city, from there you will
carry out your operations.”
Stanley did not like that, but did
not protest. It sounded like he
and Eve were still going to be in
house arrest. “I need to know
everything you guys know;
especially about those who
don’t want the videos found.”
One of the armed guards
stepped forward and put a
laptop on a table and began to
show Stanley the pictures of
some of the people they felt
were behind the videos. At this
stage Eve stepped closer. A face
on the screen had sent a quiver
down her spine.
“Who is that?” Eve asked with
fear riddled all over her voice as
she pointed at one of the faces
on the screen. Everyone in the
room turned and looked at her.
“We don’t know, you tell us
Eve,” one of the guards replied.
Struggling to steady her
breathing, Eve said, “That guy is
supposed to be in a South
African prison!” Stanley turned
and looked at her like he had
not seen her before and asked,
“Baby, what do you know about
South African prison inmates?”
Story continues…

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