Episode 12
5:45 am, Oak City Hotel
Lizzy and her husband were
sure that whoever was
knocking that loudly must be
one of the people who were
after them. Steve reached into
his laptop bag and removed a
gun. Lizzy was shocked to see
her husband in possession of
firearm. “Dress up!” Steve
barked at her, even though he
was naked as much. Lizzy
picked her clothes, ran into the
bathroom and hurried to get
dressed while Steve cocked his
gun and stepped closer to the
door. At the door he waited,
wondering if to ask who was
knocking on the door. Then an
idea occurred to him, he moved
across the room and dialed the
hotel security from the intercom
in the room, “Hello someone is
knocking at my door, it think
whoever that may be is here to
hurt I and my wife!” “Are you
serious?!” “Yes, I am. Some
stranger has been banging
away at my door. Why would
you allow just anybody walk
into your hotel and harass your
customer? Get rid of him from
my door now,” Steve
demanded, making sure
whoever was at the door did
not hear his voice. “Excuse me
sir, what is your room
number?” “106.” “Thank you,
we will get rid of whoever that
is right away. We are very sorry
for the inconvenience.” “Please
get rid of whoever that is.”
To be sure whoever was
standing at the door did not
break into the room, Steve
pushed a sofa to the door, hid
behind another and pointed his
gun toward the door. Though
he was stark naked, he did not
mind. He was too scared to
worry about not having his
clothes on. In the bathroom,
Lizzy had dressed up and locked
herself in there. Outside their
hotel room, a beautifully curved
lady, clad in just an underwear
and a bathrobe, stood at the
door knocking relentlessly.
When the hotel security officers
arrived, they were surprised to
see that the person whom they
had come to remove was an
elegant, classy lady. The security
agents did not know how to
handle her at first. Also her
b—–s and underwear were in
the open. She had deliberately
shown them off to distract the
hotel security officers in the
event they came for her. Stuck
on the back of her underwear
was an automatic handgun. It
took a while before the security
officers could take their eyes off
her curvy, seductive body.
“Hello, madam, you are
disturbing our customers with
your loud knock. Whoever is in
that room doesn’t want to see
you,” said one of the security
The lady placed her hand on her
b—–s and gently caressed
them, while she pretended to
be sorry for how loud she had
been knocking. “I am very sorry,
please forgive me. I was
desperate to make up with my
friend that I forgot how loudly I
was knocking. The man in the
room is a friend of mine. I said
something he didn’t like, he left
me in anger and went into his
room. I want to make up with
him, I have no intention of
going back to my bed alone.”
From the room Steve listened,
he could not tell whose voice
that was, and he had not been
with any woman since he
arrived at the hotel. “Okay,
madam. We will help get in
touch with him and convey to
him how you feel about what
transpired between the two of
you. However, you have to
return to your room while we
work on that. Many of our
customers have called to
complain about your loud
knocks.” “Thanks a lot, I will
return to my room then and
wait for you to help me. In case
you get in touch with him, I am
in room 095.” As though she
had just realized she was bare
breasted, she pulled her
bathrobe over her enhanced
pair of b—–s and walked back
toward her room.” A few steps
away from the security men,
she staggered on her feet as
though she was going to hit the
floor. One of the security
officers made a dash toward
her and steadied her to her feet.
The lady deliberately brushed
her b—–s on the guy and
whispered seductively, “When
you are done, please come to
my room. It is room 095.” The
security guy nodded and
rejoined his colleagues. The
security officers stood by the
door and watched her until she
disappeared down the hallway.
When she got into her room,
she quickly made a call, “I could
not get into his room. The two
of them are in the room right
now. Give me an hour more, I
want to use one of the hotel
security officers to get into his
room.” “Do it quick, and if it
doesn’t work let us know,” a
male voice said. Back in Steve’s
room he was on the phone
with the security men, “I don’t
know who that woman is. I
have never met her in my life. I
am here with my wife. I don’t
want that woman to come back
knocking on my door!” Okay sir,
we’ll make sure she does not
come back to bother you.” “I
want you to do much more
than that, please post two
security men at my door or I am
going to call in the police. I and
my wife think that lady is an
10: 15 am, Emilia’s house
Mayo was standing at the gate
to Emilia’s mansion. He had a fez
cap over his face and his eyes
darted up and down the street.
The gate swung open and he
dashed into the compound.
Standing on the balcony of the
house was Emilia. A young man
way below her age was
standing behind her, rubbing
her back. One look at her, Mayo
knew she had just crawled out
of the bed with the young man.
Mayo moved into the house and
climbed the staircase with
lightning speed. As soon as he
sat down, he pointed at the
young man and asked, “Does
your mother know you are
having sex with a lady about
her age?” The young man was
embarrassed. “Go put on some
clothes and go back to your
mother!” Mayo demanded
angrily as the boy ran into
Emilia’s bedroom. Emilia could
not tell if Mayo was just jealous
for seeing her with the boy or
was angry for some other
reason. To test him, she sat
opposite him and left her legs
wide open. “What have you
been doing lately, Emilia?
Someone sent assassins after
me. Who wants me dead?!”
Mayo had his eyes fixed on her
face. If her legs were open he
didn’t notice. He was reading
every nuance on her face. His
hand rested on his automatic
gun. If he would get just a hint
that she was behind the
attempt on his life, he would
drop her dead and shoot his
way out of her house.
Emilia was shocked to hear of
the attempt on Mayo’s life. She
stood up and walked towarstood up and walked toward
him, looking genuinely
concerned. “I did not send
assassins after you, baby,” she
said. “The only people I have
tried to kill were Eve and
Stanley. Thanks to you, I am no
longer hunting them,” she
continued. That wasn’t entirely
true. She was still after Eve and
Stanley. She was going to let
them walk free until she found
out that Maxwell had made
contact with Stanley. She didn’t
want Maxwell to find out who
was behind the videos.
Ironically, Anabel, Maxwell’s
daughter was her friend. Mayo
didn’t trust her, with what he
had seen so far, it would be
hard for him to trust anyone. As
Emilia drew closer, he tightened
his grip on his gun. Emilia
noticed his biceps pulsating. At
first she misread that for a sign
that Mayo wanted to jump into
bed with her. However, as her
eyes followed Mayo’s hand to
his waist, she saw he had his
hand around a gun, she could
she the shape of the gun. She
stepped back and raised her
hands in the air. “Mayo, stop
being stupid! I did not send
anyone after you!” She
deliberately raised her voice so
her guards could run into the
living room. In a jiffy four armed
men ran into the living room.
The guards expected Emilia The guards expected Emilia to
send them out, but when she
did not, they took that for a cue
and positioned themselves
around the living room. Mayo
observed them moving into
positions and pretended he did
not. “Have a look at this,” Mayo
said and passed his phone to
Emilia. On the screen was the
picture of the two men he shut
dead in his house. As she
studied the faces of the two
dead men in the picture, Emilia
covered her mouth in shock. “I
had a police officer go to my
house and snap that picture.
The night I was attacked,
another group came after I had
escaped and took the two girls I
had brought in for the night to
a hospital.” “What happened to
the girls?” “I gave them
pendulum. Their hearts could
not handle it.” “Mayo, I
recognize one of these guys. He
belongs to a group known as
the desert scorpion. I have used
them once, when I came back
from Atlanta. But believe me I
did not send them after you.
Someone else did.” Emilia
beckoned to one of her guards
and he came over. “Transfer
this picture to your phone and
find out who sent these men
after Mayo,” she demanded.
“Emilia, I found hidden camer“Emilia, I found hidden cameras
in my fun house. Someone has
for long been recording what
has been going on in that
house. Do you know who
installed the cameras?” “I don’t
know Mayo. Don’t forget I am
also in the videos.” she lied. “I
have forgotten, remind me,
what was your reason for
trying to kill Eve and Stanley?”
Emilia could see where Mayo
was headed. “So far all the
available evidence show that
Eve and Stanley made the videos
or paid those who did. I had to
do what needed to be done. I
was expected to protect my
friends whom I brought into
your fun house for those nude
parties and sexual orgies we
had. It was our right to do what
we wanted with our lives.
However, to record what we did
in privacy and make them
available to the public was
wrong; especially without our
permission. Lots of powerful
people are in those videos; I
just had to do something to
give them the impression I was
working hard to recover the
videos.” Mayo could see she
was being careful not to say the
wrong things and give herself
away. “You said you know
where Eve and Stanley are, I
want to have a chat with them.”
Emilia looked shocked, she did
not see that coming.
12: 00 Noon, A Mansion outside
the City
“I and Eve have thought about
it. We will take your offer Mr.
Maxwell. I want to go out there
and find out who set me up.” “I
am glad to hear this Stanley. You
won’t have to worry about your
wife’s safety, we will take care
of her when you move back to
the city to hunt for whoever
made those videos.” “I am sorry
Maxwell; I won’t leave my wife
behind. I and Eve are going to
burst this case wide open
together. Don’t worry about her,
she can take care of herself.”
“Stanley I like that. I like it when
men direct their anger very well.
However, I must warn you,
there are many people out there
who want you dead. They won’t
spare either you or Eve.” “It
can’t get worse than it already
is. We have taken bullets for
what we don’t know much
about. Our families think we are
dead. They don’t even know
where our bodies are. Give us
the amour and men we need
and we will solve this problem.”
“If that is what you want. I can’t
stop you, Stanley. Just make
sure you stay alive long enough
to find the videos and who
made them for me.” “I and my
wife will outlive this present
crisis, we have no plans to
check out on life just yet.”
Stanley dropped the call Stanley dropped the call and
walked back into the house. In
the room where they have been
for weeks, Eve had packed the
little effects which were their
only belongings.
“How did it go, baby,” Eve
asked. “He was happy. He
wanted you to stay back here,
but I refused.” “So we can go
now?” Eve asked with glee in
her face and mirth in her voice.
“I know we are leaving here
today, no matter how events
swing.” Eve took him in her
arms and kissed him for what
seemed like eternity. When she
was done she asked, “So when
we leave here, you will get to
make love to me right?” Stanley
smiled and nodded. “Finally, I
will get to enjoy my
honeymoon! Wow! I think we
are the only couple with the
worst honeymoon in all of
history.” Eve couldn’t let Stanley
out of her sight, she followed
him around the room as he
paced about, perfecting his

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