Episode 7
01:55 pm, Arcot Restaurant
Stella is sitting by herself at a table, a cup of
ice cream is on the table and her phone in
hand. She fiddles with the phone for a
moment and then places a call to a doctor,
“Hello Doc, I am at Arcot, I have all the
samples you asked for. I need you to come
over quickly.” “Give me fifteen minutes to
get there,” said the doctor. “Can you make
ten, I have got so much on my hands right
now; I need every minute I can get.” “Okay,
I will try.”
01:59 pm, Emilia’s House
Emilia descends from the staircase, bare
breasted and wearing only a G-string. Two
armed guards are in the living room. Mayo
is sitting on one of the white sofas in the
sitting room with his eyes glued to the
television set until Emilia descended from
the staircase. Emilia waved her hands at
the two guards and they left quickly. She
walked over to where Mayo was sitting
and asked, “How are my new pair of
boobs?” touching them as she spoke.
Mayo had a disinterested look on his face.
Tacitly he said, “They look good… I want to
know who amongst my friends made the
videos. I think you have hit the wrong
persons…” “Not so fast boy!” Emilia
shunned him. Sitting on his lap she took
his right hand and brushed it over her
b—–s. “The American doctor who did the
b—-t enhancement surgery said they are
the best I can get anywhere in the world at
the moment.” Still running his hand over
her b—–s, she continued, “Do they feel
any differently compared to the last time
you touched them?” “I think you should
put some clothes on Emilia. The things I
told you in Ghana were said in anger. You
should never have come after my friends
without letting me know.” Emilia stood up
and gave him a hot slap across the face.
While Mayo wondered what he did to get a
slap like that, Emilia pointed her right hand
at him and yelled, “You are not in the
position to tell me what to do Mayo!! No,
you are not! Don’t make that mistake!!”
“You don’t want to pick a fight with me
Emilia!” Mayo shouted back at her and
immediately to armed guards ran into the
living room. As quickly as they came in,
Emilia waved them off. “Mayo, you are still
alive because you accepted my offer from
the beginning. Besides that, you are my
best man in bed. I am not quite ready to
lose you yet. If you know the truck loads of
lies I have had to tell to save your a-s, you
would be doing your job right on top of
me by now.” “Eve and Stanley did not make
the videos, someone else did and you
should be looking for that person.” “Don’t
give me that bull s–t Mayo! If you cared
this much about Eve and Stanley, why
didn’t you warn them when I told you they
were going to get assassinated. Why did
you do nothing?!” Mayo lowered his head
into his palms and groaned in pain. Emilia
drew closer and squatted next to him and
whispered, “It’s okay baby, I didn’t know
you cared this much about them.”
Mayo raised his head with his eyes moist,
“I was going to tell Stanley that a hit had
been sanctioned on him. I was waiting to
tell him after his wedding. I had no clue
you would come for them on their
wedding day. Eve was innocent. That girl
died for nothing. I know I had issues with
Stanley for letting no one touch her, but I
wished her no ill.” “I have a little surprise
for you. Eve and Stanley may still be alive…”
Mayo got excited. “…I am not going to tell
you where they are until you have done
your job.” Emilia stooped a bit, removed
her G-string, threw it on a sofa and sat on
Mayo’s laps. Mayo had been caught in a
web bigger than his weight could handle.
Emilia was not after recovering the videos,
she actually wanted to keep them from
being found. Mayo was her pun. She had
been paid thirty million US dollars to make
sure the videos circulated very well
amongst the people even though she was
in the videos as well. She would kill
everyone who knew where the original
copies of the videos where. From the
beginning she had it all planned out. Some
big wigs in politics and the corporate
world would be brought down by those
02:15 pm, Arcot Restaurant
“You took longer than you said you would,
what happened?” Stella asked looking
angry. “I am sorry; it wasn’t my fault. I was
held up in traffic.” As soon as the doctor
sat down, Stella removed a pack from her
handbag and began to explain its contents
to the doctor, “This sample is from my
husband. This one is from Mayo, that one
belongs to my son. Here is mine. Please do
a thorough job. I want to know who his
father is.” The doctor took the samples and
sunk them into a black leather bag. Stella
rummaged in her handbag and removed a
brown envelope containing wads of
dollars and handed them to the doctor. He
took the envelope from Stella and shoved it
into his hip pocket. Stella could see Chucks
and Clara walking into the restaurant. She
leaned toward the doctor and said, “Get
out now!” The doctor sprang to his feet
and walked toward some cakes on display
as if he wanted to buy them. Stella kept her
gaze on Chucks and Clara to know if they
saw the doctor standing up from her table.
She could tell they did not and so she
relaxed and waved at them.
When Chucks and Clara had sat down, they
asked, “You said you have something to
tell us, what is it?” Stella looked around,
leaned toward her friends and said, “Mayo
knows more than any of us thinks. Before
any of us found out that Eve and Stanley
had been shot, he said something to me
while we were together at Eden Crest Suit.”
“What did he tell you?” Clara asked. “He
said Eve and Stanley are not going to last
long together. He added that they would
make a big sad story together. I have the
feeling when he said they would make a
big sad story together, her meant their
sudden death. I don’t want to be paranoid,
but the way his face looked when he said
that was scary. For a moment he looked
like something which crawled out of
hades. We need to work together and find
out what Mayo knows.” “I don’t like the
sound of this. We should never have let
this happen to us,” Chucks said. “That is
what happens when you break natural
laws and give your whole self to
lasciviousness. We have slept with
ourselves and have been most unfaithful to
our marriage partners. Some can count
how many men they have slept with; as for
me, I have lost count. I have even slept
with my husband’s…” Stella had to stop
herself, she almost told her friends a bit
more than she would want them to know.
“You should keep your confession to
yourself Stella or go find a pastor and
confess all you have done. And while you
are at it, don’t forget to leave the city with
your family members or at least get
yourself some good security personnel,”
Chucks suggested.
“Speaking of confession, I have need for it
also. I can’t go on like this anymore,” Clara
said with a broken voice. “Let us not forget
the reason we are here. Are we going to
work together and crack this case? Who is
Mayo working with? What does he know?
Who is Emilia? How can we find a picture
of her? Are you guys with me on this?”
Clara and Chucks nodded vigorously. “But
how about Steve and Bimpe, should they
know what we are doing?” Clara asked.
“No, we should keep it amongst ourselves;
the smaller the better. Look, there are
videos of us and some important people
out there and we don’t know who
amongst us made it. Let us keep this
simple, if it leaks I can tell who amongst us
is responsible for that,” Stella said.
4: 40 pm, A Mansion outside the City
Since Eve and Stanley were rescued from
the hospital by some gun men, the three
doctors taking care of them had done their
best to nurse them back to health. Since
they were shot on the night of their
wedding day, they had been tethering on
the edge of death. However, with the
treatment they had received in the
mansion for some days, things were
beginning to look good again for them.
“Hey! I think the evening breeze will be
good for the two of you. Why don’t you let
us take you two outside?” Doctor Larry
asked Eve and Stanley. They looked at each
other and smiled. “We will like to give it a
trial, so long as we won’t get shot,” Eve
said with her killer smile on her face. The
doctors gently put them in wheelchairs
and wheeled them to the garden in the
mansion. The flowers in the garden were
well cut and the lush green grass on the
ground looked awesome. Brightly coloured
butterflies sucking nectar, flew around the
garden, seeming to have no care in the
world. While Stanley studied the Garden
and the imposing building from which
they were wheeled out, Eve plucked some
flowers and smelt them happily. Under her
breath she said to herself, “It is good to be
alive after all I have been through.”
Looking up at the doctor who pushed her
wheelchair she said, “Can you get me
closer to Stan?” “Of course mam,” replied
the doctor. Eve was glad to take Stanley’s
hand in hers. She squeezed it as hard as
she could and then brought it to her lips
and kissed it passionately. “I am glad you
are still here baby,” she said to Stanley.
Stanley smiled mechanically and returned
his gaze on the compound in which they
were. “Since you two haven’t had a real
time alone since your wedding day, we will
leave you alone for some time. When
darkness begins to settle, we will come
back to wheel you back into the house.
Please try not to get up from your wheel
chairs; you are not yet strong enough to
handle the exaction of walking around on
your feet. If you need anything just call any
of us and we would bring them to you.”
When the doctors left them, Eve was eager
to get as much kiss from Stanley as she
could, but Stanley seemed uninterested.
“What is it baby? Since our wedding night,
you haven’t touched. The least you can do
now is kiss me.” “Babe, we are still not
safe,” Stanley replied. Eve felt her heart sink
into her stomach. “Why did you say that?”
“Look around, this place is a luxurious
prison.” “But the doctors are in charge
here.” “That is my point Eve. We have been
here for three days and a few hours and
yet we have not seen a single policeman.”
Eve looked around as if a light bulb just
turned on in her head. “Who then are
these doctors?” she asked. “The way I see
it, they are working for whoever is
keeping us here.” From a room in the
building the doctors watched Eve and
Stanley on a monitor, listening to their
conversation. They were hoping that the
two of them would talk about what they
knew about the videos. In the garden, Eve
finally got the chance to ask the questions
which had been bothering her all along,
“Baby, do you have any ideas why we
were shot? Who are the persons after us?”
Stanley looked hard and long at her and
said nothing. Eve did not understand his
meaning, but she could tell he was saying
something to her. Changing the topic,
Stanley asked, “Baby, why don’t you let me
see what you are wearing under?” Eve
wasn’t sure what he was doing, but she
trusted him. She reached under her clothe
and pulled off her underwear and threw it
at him. Stanley caught it mid-air and
wheeled closer to Eve. Pretending he
wanted to kiss her he whispered, “There
are cameras in the flowers, don’t ask me
about why we were shot. I can’t tell you
here. Something is wrong about this
place.” “Doctor Larry told me that some
people were going to help us. Maybe they
are the ones keeping us here,” Eve recalled.
To be continued!

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