Episode 2
A concierge had heard a female voice
shout for help and dashed toward the
direction of her voice; on his way he met a
man calmly leaving a hotel room. The
concierge studied the man momentarily as
he passed him before continuing his run.
There were lots of doors to knock on to
find the woman who had cried for help.
While he knocked on a door, it occurred to
him to go check the room he saw the
stranger leaving moments earlier. A gentle
push on the door swung it open;
cautiously he stepped into the room but
was stopped in his track when he saw
Stanley lying in a pool of blood. His eyes
darted about the room and he saw Eve on
the floor, lying silently amid fresh blood.
There was an alarm bell on the wall, he
sprang toward it and held it down for
about a minute and then dashed into the
hallway and began to call for help, “Help!!
Help!! A man and his wife have been
murdered in their room! Help!!!” In just
seconds the hallway was swarmed with
the hotel security and guests. While some
petrified guests packed their luggage and
bolted out of the hotel, the hotel security
and medical team checked Stanley and Eve
to see if they could get any pulse. There
was a little confusion; some thought they
got pulse while others were not sure they
did. They had to however haul the
newlywed couple into an ambulance and
sped off to the nearest hospital.
8:30 pm, Hotel Copacabana
A lady in her forties lay naked in her bed
with a young man in his early thirties by
her side. For hours the young man had
been working himself sore in bed to meet
his end of a bargain. She shoved the
drained young man aside and reached for
her phone; punching a few keys on her
phone she placed a call to some guy, “Hello
Leroy. Have the lovebirds been sent home
early?” “As I speak to you, they at before
the pearly gates of heaven waiting to
know if they would be let in. Sadly the lady
had no clothes on when I put her on a
sudden flight out of our world.” “I am glad
they are home now. Don’t worry about the
girl; the angels of God will clothe her if she
makes it past the pearly gates.” “Good to
hear that, it is very comforting.” “You were
a ghost out there, were you not?” “A boy
saw me, but I doubt he can pin the hit on
me. I was just another guest in their
hotel.” “I don’t like the sound of that Leroy.
Go back, find the boy and put him to rest.”
“Is that necessary?” “It is my wish and I
want it done.” “Okay Mam, your wish is my
Four Hours Later, Eden Crest Suits
Mayo, one of Stanley’s friends is on the
floor of his hotel room. Stark naked and
sitting on Mayo is Stella. Stella is also
another of Stanley’s friends. After the
wedding reception, she had made an
excuse to her husband and two children
and sneaked into Eden Crest for a raunchy
sexual marathon with Mayo who was also
married and had children. “We all are
going to miss Stanley, especially we ladies.
He certainly knew how to make a woman
happy. I hate that b—h he married. She
came along with her holier-than-thou
attitude and took him away from us,” Stella
said with a wry look on her face. “They are
not going to last long together. In fact they
are going to make a big sad story
together.” Stella dropped the back of her
hand on Mayo’s forehead and felt it for a
moment. “Are you okay? You don’t see
well, do you?” she asked Mayo. “I can’t get
your meaning Stella.” “As much as I have
grouse with Eve for taking my best sexual
partner away from me, I believe they are
made for each other. I know it; they will
make the best couple in the whole wide
world. I am surprised you can’t see that
“Don’t worry, you can’t get my meaning.”
“Whatever… I am going to miss Stanley you
know.” “You sound like you had him many
times. I heard you didn’t.” “I had him only
a few times. He said he had found the
truth, whatever that was, and stopped
bedding me. But I think he saw how spoilt
I am and that he had no future with me.
Look at me, I am a married woman who
has two children, yet I am here naked with
you and have been making love to you for
the past two hours. Right now I am sure
my husband is busy at home making
dinner for my children. The sad part is that
when I get home he is going to look me
straight in the eye and thank God for a
wonderful woman I am to him before
taking me to his bed to spend the night
with me. I think hell is made for people like
me.” “You are right; hell is for you and you
are going to have a front row in it.” “How
about you piggy? You are going to be an
usher in it. Of the four children Bimpe has
for her husband, how many are your?”
Mayo pumped three fingers in the air
signaling to her three were his.” “Oh
Christ! You are the son of Lucifer. Thank
God I have had no child for you. All my
children will turn out like my husband.”
“You can’t be that sure, your last child
might be mine.” Stella slapped him across
the face and yelled, “Son of Lucifer, you
have no child with me!” Mayo sprang from
under Stella, tumbling her to the floor;
sitting on top of her he began to mock her,
“You don’t know me, but there is one
thing about me which you are right about,
I am indeed and usher for hell, and right
now I am ushering you to hell.” The look
on Mayo’s face was beastly; Stella had not
seen him that way before. Even though she
knew he was playing, she was however
becoming afraid of him. “Get off me; I
want to go back to my husband!” Mayo
didn’t listen; He lowered himself on her
and maneuvered her into another round
of lasciviousness.
10:40 pm, Clara’s Apartment
Clara is lying on a couch in her living room,
half asleep. On the table opposite her, was
her Samsung Galaxy phone. The phone
vibrated loudly as a call came in; Clara
startled out of sleep, sighed and then lazily
picked her call, “Hello Steve, what is it? You
just woke me up from sleep.” “Clara,
Stanley and Eve have been shot dead!”
“What!!! It’s a joke right?!” “Some shooter
broke into their hotel room and shot the
two of them. I have been running around
the city trying to find the hospital where
their bodies are. About thirty minute ago I
found the hospital but the police won’t let
me see their bodies!” On the other end of
the phone Clara began to sob terribly.
“Clara! Clara!! Stop!! Listen to me, whoever
did this might be after the rest of us. We
have to meet now! I just can’t reach Mayo
and Stella, Chucks and Bimpe are on their
way to your house now. Please see if you
can get a hold of either Mayo or Stella. I am
scared to death; their phones are off.”
Clara stood to her feet, her eyes darting
about her apartment while waves of fear
shot through her. The rustling of the
curtains by night breeze made her dash
into her bedroom and shut the door.
In that circumstance her bedroom
suddenly looked too big for her, so she ran
into her bathroom. She had to run back
into her bedroom when she thought she
heard footsteps by her bathroom window.
To her, the safest place to hide was under
her bed and so she squeezed herself
under it. At her door outside were Bimpe
and Chucks, banging loudly on the door for
her to let them in. Under the bed, Clara
prayed fervently for help and forgiveness
for her sins. When her phone rang, she
almost threw it away, thinking it was
going to give her position away. The call
was from Chucks, she had to pick it when
she saw it was him, “Chucks where you
are?” she cried desperately. “I am at your
door with Bimpe, where are you?” “Thank
God! I am coming to get the door.” Hastily
she pushed her way out from under the
bed. By 11:15 pm all of them, Chucks, Clara,
Bimpe Mayo, Stella and Steve were in Clara’s
apartment mourning their dead friends
and wondering who might have shot them
and the reasons for that. They all had
secrets, the sort they would not like to talk
about. They sat, looking helplessly at each
4:30 am, St. Briggs Clinic
Since early night when Eve and Stanley
were brought to the hospital, teams of
doctors had worked their fingers sore to
revive and save their lives. About 3:00 am,
the doctors broke up and left with sad
faces. No one was told if Eve and Stanley
were saved or not; but about 4:30 am, a
nurse was heard telling someone outside
the hospital that the couple was alive. The
police man sitting next to her was not sure
who she meant. As if to move away from
his colleagues and smoke, the police
officer placed a call to a certain lady, “Hello,
you asked me to let you know if the couple
makes it or not, I think they are alive. The
doctors in Briggs Clinic may have save their
lives. Whoever you send here to finish
them off must be very professional. There
is a squad of well trained policemen here;
they will shoot everything which is
considered a threat over here.” “Why do
you think they are alive? Leroy told me they
are dead. I spoke with him again about ten
minutes ago.” “I don’t care what Leroy told
you, I have been here for hours, I have not
seen the couple moved to the morgue. Just
now I overheard a nurse telling someone
over the phone that the couple is alive. I
am just doing my job, you do yours.” The
police officer hung up.
“Hello Leroy, Eve and Stanley might still be
alive. I just spoke with Adams; he is at
Briggs Clinic. He thinks doctors may have
somehow saved their lives. Go find out if
he wants free cash or is telling the truth. If
by chance he is telling the truth, you know
what to do. Good night Leroy.” “Good
night miss!” “Hold on Leroy… he also
mentioned that there are some well
trained policemen at the hospital. Be
careful please.” “I will.”
To be continued!

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